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Birthday spin – Huancayo to Izcuchaca (68k/18,357k, +2700ft)

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(July 31 – written by Dave) First up a quick thank you out to everyone who wished me happy birthday today (or yesterday as the Aussies got the day right but are always a day ahead when you are in … Continue reading


Familiarity breeds contentment in Huancayo

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(July 30 – written by Dave) A short post from Huancayo, Peru.  We’ve had a nice rest day here.  Yeah, I know, I’d never heard of Huancayo before yesterday either…. Anyway, to the theme of the day.  Back in the … Continue reading


A dog’s day – Tarma to Huancayo (109k/18,290k, +4000ft)

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(July 29 – written by Nancy) Okay, I am really tired but Dave is insisting I write the blog for today so I’ll give it a shot before I fall asleep.  Today was a long day – we didn’t get … Continue reading


Peru Independence Day – Junin to Tarma (68k/18,180k, +1,000ft)

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(July 29– written by Dave) Brrr, it was cold this morning.  My cyclo computer read 1C as we left the hostel.  It was very foggy and the extra dampness that comes with fog made it seem much colder.  Everyone was … Continue reading


More up, staying high – Highway hotel to Junin (105k/18,113k, +4200ft)

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(July 27– written by Dave) Last night we slept well (except when Nancy stole all the blankets).  Overall though, we were happy with sleeping sound at 3,300 metres (10,800 feet).  It’s not our highest sleep of the trip but it’s … Continue reading


Rio Blanca (White River) cruise – Huánuco to highway hotel (81k/18,008k, +5115ft)

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(July 26– written by Dave) Today was a departure from the magnificent scenery that we’ve been riding through for most of Peru.  We rode up the Rio Blanca all day but the river was not overly photogenic and the hills … Continue reading


Huánuco ice cream rolls – who knew?

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(July 25 – written by Dave) We’ve had a productive day here in Huánuco.  Bikes cleaned.  More route planning done.  Natural fruit bowl and yogurt for brekkie.  Slept in until 8:30.  All good.  So this will be a short post. … Continue reading


Up or down, you choose – Chavinillo to Huánuco (74k/17,927k, +1900ft)

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(July 24 – written by Dave) Today turned out much different than we thought it would.  We had 14k of uphill to start, followed by 60k of downhill.  We rode again with Philipp and Kathrin.  All four of us enjoyed … Continue reading


Canyon riding – Huallanca to Chavinillo (87k/17,853k, +3600ft)

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(July 23 – written by Nancy) Last night we were so shattered after our long day we both thought there was no way we could do today’s intended ride to Chavinillo.  Our Komoot map showed it to be about 86k … Continue reading


Getting higher – Park entrance to Huallanca (72k/17,766k, +3500ft)

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 (July 22 – written by Dave) Today was epic… CHECK – Trip record riding height – 4,900 metres (16,000 feet) CHECK – Stunning mountain views all day CHECK – Super hard riding with dirt, rocks and a ripper paved downhill … Continue reading