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16 DECEMBER 2018 Meet Leonie Katekar, touring cyclist and grand adventurer! She’s an Aussie, about our age and riding the ride of her life. She started in Guatemala in June and has just left the famous Pink House in Patagonia. … Continue reading


Day 10 | Deans Marsh – Torquay (78 kilometres)

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SUNDAY 1 DECEMBER GVBR 2019 wrap and Groundhog Day Saturday night was party night at the GVBR. We still had one day to ride but it was our last night of camping and many of the riders were up busting … Continue reading


Day 9 | Beech Forest – Deans Marsh (65 kilometres)

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SATURDAY 30 NOVEMBER Today was all about riding in the Otway Ranges and what a treat is was. We started high up in the hills and boy was it cold overnight. I heard that we hit 5 degrees C but … Continue reading


Day 8 | Peterborough – Beech Forest (85 kilometres)

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FRIDAY 29 NOVEMBER We slept well on the airport runway, err, ‘runfield’. No planes tried landing thankfully. It was cool in the morning but there was no rain and everyone was excited about today’s ride. The route had two highly … Continue reading


Day 7 | Port Fairy – Peterborough (97 kilometres)

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THURSDAY 28 NOVEMBER It was very hard getting up this morning – we loved having a bed for two nights. Though once up, our little band of marshals all agree that having brekkie in a toasty warm house beat the … Continue reading


Day 5 and 6 | Portland – Port Fairy (85 kilometres) and rest day

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TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY 26-27 NOVEMBER It rained on and off overnight and we got a good dumping just as I was heading off to get brekkie. Yes, that’s right, Nancy almost got brekkie in bed today as I bought her a egg … Continue reading


Day 4 | Mount Gambier – Portland (110 kilometres)

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MONDAY 25 NOVEMBER Super long day today -a good day, but a long one. The riding was quite fun with nice rolling hills and views of native and plantation forests. There was almost no traffic as the GVBR officials did … Continue reading