About us

Nancy is a former finance lawyer (well, maybe former is too strong a word for now…) who has won the title CEO and President of Leave Without Pay after a hard fought battle with the other major shareholder.  Actually, expect the titles to change frequently, depending on who has control of the computer.

Anyway, back to the story.  Nancy has been a finance lawyer for 25+ years, practicing law in Oregon, Australia and the Netherlands at various times.  She worked in private practice for about 10+ years, worked as in house counsel at a global finance company for 8+ years and has spent the last 4 years doing good work for the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, Australia’s green bank.  Lots of great experiences and opportunities, but also lots of stress and long hours, so it’s time to focus on other parts of life for a bit.

Dave has spent 30 years in the IT industry, the majority in customer support (though he does often refer to some weird famous TCP-IP testing he did in his early years at Intel).  He has worked for both big corporations and small startups in Oregon, Sydney and London.  Dave currently holds the title of Vice President/Assistant to CEO of Leave Without Pay (important to note these are roles junior to the CEO/President).

Nancy grew up in Pendleton, a small country town in Eastern Oregon, USA –home of the world famous Pendleton Round Up (Let ‘er Buck!).  Dave grew up in Carson City, Nevada, USA – he claims that stories of the famous explorer Kit Carson are to blame for his travel wanderlust.

Together for over 30 years (god, are we that old?), we have spent a lot of time on our touring bikes.  When not on tour, we lived for many years in one of the biking capitals of the US, Portland Oregon, moving to Australia in 1999 to experience life overseas.  We moved to Amsterdam in early 2006 for work, and returned to Australia in 2008.  When we are not hanging out in the Sydney sunshine, we’re likely on the road, calling wherever we pitch the tent home.

8 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi – 🙂 ok, just now read the ‘about us’ – great, funny, clear?!!
    Hope you’re celebrating with a dish from Katrina show?
    You could post a few things on FB ………

  2. Dave and Nancy,
    We’ve followed your recent adventures with Steve and Gretchen. What a great site you’ve developed! And such grand experiences. As I’m sure you’ve learned, Steve has a limitless appetite, and will probably eat his way through Malasia. Please send him home when you run out of food.
    Walt and Patty

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