Jumping off

Welcome to our mid-life adventure blog!  Well, I’m not sure that
you can CLICKactually call it a “mid-life adventure” once you are north of 50, but we’re sticking with that theme.  We started this blog back in 2010 when we were getting ready for our first major career break and extended bicycle tour.  That trip turned into a 22,000k, 26 country odyssey and can be found here if you are having trouble sleeping and want to read more.  We had so many great adventures on that trip, we promised ourselves we’d do another “big trip” once we came back to the real world for a couple years and had a chance to top-up the old savings accounts.  Well, as these things go, a couple years morphed into almost four years, but we are finally ready to head out again.

There are heaps of places that we want to ride our bikes but age is starting to work itself into the equation.  Not so much the “too old to ride” age, but rather the “fear of bear/bandit” age (FOB age).  That is, when your FOB age gets to a certain point, there is a risk that places like Alaska and parts of Central America become too scary (in your mind) to ride.  There are only so many David Attenborough videos (fear of bears) and Tijuana CNN live feeds (fear of bandits) that you can watch before these otherwise wonderful travel destinations become mental no-go zones.  While our FOB age is still manageable (but climbing), we’ve decided to seize the day and take on the whole length of the Americas.  Yup, we’re starting in Alaska and not stopping (okay, other than a few breaks along the way) until we reach the bottom in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

As with most of our trips, we will be carrying our lives on the bikes – tent, stove, food, clothing and whatever else we can fit.  We expect to live simple lives that will allow us to continue for at least 2 years, but we have no set period – we will just see how we go and when we run out of road.  Naturally, the first thing we’ll buy when we reach Alaska is bear spray.  And naturally, the second thing we’ll buy is the “how to use bear spray” training video.

The plan is to start riding in May 2017, somewhere in Alaska (just as the bears wake up from their hibernation!).  We’ll make a few blog posts about getting ready between now and then.  We’ll see if we can manage daily blogs once the trip commences – depending on much daily bear spraying we have to do.  As per normal, if you want to get blog updates regularly, you can subscribe via the EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION instructions on the home page.

The whole Alaska to Argentina blog collection can be found here (there’s not much to it yet as we’ve not started!).

So, bears and bandits or not, we’re off.


28 responses to “Jumping off

  1. Great to meet you, after just three days into your Adventure, hope the rain clears soon!

    Wishing you a safe trip and enjoy chasing your dreams!

    Cheers Alex

  2. David and Nancy pam (aka) miss ertel read us all of your blog today!! i love it!!! rock on and keep on pedleing and watch out for spiders yikes!!!!!

  3. Hi. I am in Mrs Ertels 4th and 5th
    grade class!Thanks for coming to
    our class. Nancy I LOVE your
    name so much!


  4. i ment to say website not blog ooooppps!

  5. Have a great trip!!!!
    Many Blessings

  6. Hi guys, great intro to your website.
    You sound like you’re at the same stage of life as us
    We have been referred to you by travellingtwo.com and look forward to following your adventures (PS: we have just started from England & are heading south from europe back to Oz)

  7. Anthony Tesvic

    Hi Nancy – Tim and I just wanted to say hello and let you know that we are enjoying following your travels (from the comfort of our office chairs)! Your adventures sound amazing. I have recently returned from holidays in Europe and am excited to be commencing a secondment at a company you know all too well! May you both keep having many more wonderful experiences!

    • Hi Anthony – glad you and Tim are enjoying the blog and glad we can provide some entertainment for you guys when you can take a quick break from the work! Hope you enjoy your secondment – I am sure it will be interesting to see the business from the other side. Good luck with it!

  8. Hi There !
    Great to meet you in Kanchanaburi Thailand!

  9. I hope the floods have not adversely influenced you, and that all is well!

  10. HI Dave and Nancy–I’m one of Nancy’s mom’s friends from church here in Portland, OR. My husband, Mark rides his bike most every where he goes around this area. I’m one to be a fair weather rider not liking biking in the rain. Your mom has talked about your trip. We hope to follow your adventures via the web! Linda

  11. Nancy, hope the travels are going well! Just came across this site via linked in! Love the concept. Interested to know where you are… Still in oz or now in Asia/Europe!

    Look fwd to hearing more!


  12. Nice going you tow.. very proud you still have the drive not to DRIVE and bike around.

  13. Had to make the mistake on your blog.. it should be two.. not tow…

  14. Hey you two! Just read your blog over here at SteriPEN. I was feeling badly about your battery load, 4 in 1992 vs 32 now I believe. We’ve got a new model called the Freedom SteriPEN that weighs only 2.6oz, has internal batteries and recharges via a USB cable- so you can plug it into your computer, or an A/C wall outlet to charge it. We’d be happy to send you one if logistics work out. Let us know! We’ll be posting your trip on our community blog tomorrow.

  15. Hi Dave and Nancy,
    A great chance encounter today in Plymouth, love the ethos of your trip and wish you all the best on your trip, may it always be sunny and the wind at your back.
    Here is a link to my blog of my UK coastal ride
    Love the cow print cycle top.
    I’m about to start reading your blog and look forward to the updates.
    Hopefully get to see you in Sydney when I make it out there on my trip.
    All the best
    Steve and Redge

  16. Hey Dave and Nancy!! Welcome from Geoff and Karen in Oz.
    Hope all’s well and Christmas is wheely fun 🙂

  17. Hi Dave and Nancy,

    Looks like you two are on the move again. Looking forward to reading about your new adventure. Have fun doing, and writing about it 👍 bill & linda

  18. juleskerengmailcom

    Hi Dave and Nancy,

    I am so happy for you both and your planned trip. Sounds fantastic. Hope you overcome the FOB/B!! Looking forward to hearing of your adventures. Cheers, Julie Skinner

  19. Hi Nancy
    Oliver and I are on our weekly aeronautical flight back to Melbourne. Wishing we were on a bike instead.

  20. Hi Dave & Nancy!
    Happy to exchange tips about Colombia and onwards. You can reach me at sarah.brindley@rocketmail.com (so pls don’t publish this msg;).
    I’ve actually finished my ride now – I rode across to Cuenca through the mountains then finished up down in Guayaquil.
    If there are any particular areas you’re interested in, give me a shout and I’ll share what I know.
    Happy pedalling!

  21. Whenever I’m on a steep climb I sing.Warren Zevon often, especially Poor Poor Pitiful Me.

  22. Felicidades! Gracias por visitar Argentina y por compartir con nosotros hoy un almuerzo/merienda/cena jaja! Un placer conocerlos Nancy y David! Lo mejor para ustedes, y sin dudas, tienen nuestra admiración! Besos! Martín y Eloísa.

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