Europe (Round 2)

After our trip from the top to the bottom of  Britain we head back to France via ferry across the channel.  The plan is to ride from Cherbourg down to Barcelona, which will likely be our stopping point for this extended break.

UK (John O’Groats to Land’s End)

Update  – well, the weather has gotten the best of us and after days of rain and bad weather forecast for the road ahead we have modified the plan and are now headed to Paris for a short break before heading to the US for a visit with family, after which we will head back to Sydney and ‘real’ life.

2 Oct 2012 – Day 544 – Back to boulangeries in Portbail 
3 Oct 2012 – Day 545 – Low fun day to Donville les Bains
4 Oct 2012 – Day 546 – A few kilometers to Granville
5 Oct 2012 – Day 547 – Travel mojo restored in Granville
6 Oct 2012 – Day 548 – Market day in Granville
7 Oct 2012 – Day 549 – Mont St Michel
8 Oct 2102 – Day 550 – Our last French lesson – Granville to Bayeux
9 Oct 2012 – Day 551 – Normandy history day
10 Oct 2012 – Day 552 – Normandy history day two
11 Oct 2012 – Day 553 – To Paris
13 Oct 2012 – Day 555 – Paris update
14 Oct 2012 – Day 556 – People we’ve met along the way
15 Oct 2012 – Day 557 – A sunny day in Paris
17 Oct 2012 – Day 559 – Eat to ride, ride to eat – Food memories
20 Oct 2012 – Day 562 – The end – for now

One thought on “Europe (Round 2)

  1. I haven’t been as dilligent in keeping up with your bolg over the past month as I should have been, but what an adventure you had!

    It didn’t work out that I could visit your friends Pete & Inge, but thanks for putting them in touch with me anyway. Nevada was stunningly beautiful, if a little daunting.

    It seems that those Clamonts served you well?

    As for settling back into reality, I’m not sure it is at all totally possible. I still live vicariously by reading other’s touring journals, and on forums, I offer advice or suggestions (for whatever it’s worth) when it is sought.

    Best regards.

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