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Outdoor laundry day in Chumphon

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(written by Dave) Today was pretty low key.  In our wandering last night we spotted a couple street side washing machines.  And by street side, I mean right on the sidewalk, protected by custom rebar cages, a sun shade and … Continue reading


Monks blessing makes for a great ride to Chumphon (68/7771ks)

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(written by Dave) We started the day with coffee on Aungkana’s front porch – what a great host she is. She even does a morning hula hoop workout that she shared with us – we declined trying it out though … Continue reading


Shhhh, I see Burma – Ranong to Kraburi (59/7703 ks)

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(written by Dave) We are not riding in Burma, but today we saw it. Our route took us along the Thailand/Burma border (Burma is Myanmar now, as they call themselves). The border here is water (Moel River, becoming the Andaman … Continue reading


We call uncle on the way to Ranong and hop a local bus (17/7644) (+40 in songthaew)

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(written by Nancy) After kind of a restless night we awoke to the not-soothing sounds of rain on the metal roof of our bungalow. We decided to get things ready for a departure and have some breakfast to kill some … Continue reading


A wet day to Bang Ben Beach (78/7627k)

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(written by Nancy) The major theme of today was wet, wet, wet.  The rain started early with a big rainstorm just after the alarm went off at 6am this morning.  We took our time getting ready and by 8 or … Continue reading


Oregon riding to Khura Buri (112/7549 ks)

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(written by Dave) (note from last night – the thumping music stopped completely just on 10PM, as the hotel owner said it would – that was a relief…) Some days you ride your bike and the route reminds you of … Continue reading


James Bond in Phang-Nga

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(written by Dave) Just a brief post today, mainly so that we can finally post some photos of the southern Thailand coastal scenery.  The landscape in southern Thailand is characterised by steep, limestone headlands and cliffs along its shoreline and … Continue reading