Recovery and rest in Krabi

(written by Dave)

Quiet day in Krabi. Both of us slept like logs. That is to say until 7:30 when our phone rang. We have not given our Thailand mobile number anyone so the ring really startled both of us. It was a wrong number and the person apparently only spoke Thai. I was so out of it that I yelled (so Nancy claims), “I don’t speak English…”. Ok, I guess we needed the day off!

When we eventually got up, we found one the the many cafes serving western food. We wanted bacon and eggs for brekkie. Not our best move in Malaysia but here where there are many more backpackers and westerners, we did ok. I’m not sure whether the bacon was pork or beef but either way it tasted pretty good. Next up is to find a guest house to stay in where we can use the kitchen – looking forward seeing if I remember how to make a proper egg and bacon roll.

Later we got stuck into chores. We finished and mailed off our Aussie taxes (I’m sure that our readers find that fascinating) and we did more research on the route ahead. We are planning on heading from here to the west coast, then riding north until we cross back over to Chumphon and onto Hau Hin. Beyond that we are still discussing.

In the afternoon, I headed out to get some photos. There is a temple in town that I wanted to look at. I was surprised to find a massive festival going on. All sorts of groups and hand made, brightly coloured paper mini temples. I was not able to find anyone who spoke English to tell me what it was all about but everyone was all dressed up in matching outfits, almost as though it was a contest. There were lots of speeches and some bands. Oh well, fun to watch, even if I had no clue as to what was happening.

Next I headed to town to get a couple photos of their traffic lights. They have these weird sculptures at two sets of lights. One group of Neanderthal looking guys holding the lights, and the other group was of sabre tooth tigers. We saw them yesterday and were quite taken by them. Later today I read on the net that these sculptures are in honour some very old human remains found in one of the nearby caves. I was not the only tourist taking photos of them so I guess the idea works.

For dinner we headed back to last night’s hawker stalls on the pier . The sunset was amazing, almost like sitting in a movie theatre. The tables for the market sit right out on the wharf/pier and we arrived just on dusk. We went to the same stall for dinner that we went to last night, though I’m sure that they all would be great. The food is so fresh and it’s prepared to order. We both tried different things tonight, getting a wee bit of the Thai heat, licking our lips and drinking lots of water to get it all down – fantastic.

We are still undecided on tomorrow. I want to ride. Nancy wouldn’t mind staying here another day. Our hotel room is nice and the search for a new room is always a little stressful, especially at the end of hot day riding. We’ll discuss further… Check back tomorrow to see where we end up.

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2 thoughts on “Recovery and rest in Krabi

  1. I love Thai food and your comments encouraged me to seek out pad thai for lunch yesterday. Turned out not to be a good idea, my intestines are still recovering from the flu… Maybe by the weekend I’ll be able to handle a little spice.

    • Today’s feast was even more inspirational. The green mango salad was out of this world. It’s pretty easy eating lots of fruit and veggies when they haven’t sat on a boat for weeks making it to Fred Meyer / Woolworths / Coles.

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