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Quito views and Spanish class

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(May 31 – written by Dave) Greetings from Quito and our week of immersion Spanish.  We are not fluent in Spanish, nor are we effluent (but that’s a whole different story).  But we have actually learned a lot in the … Continue reading


The rest of the story…

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(May 28 – written by Dave) We are often asked by people we meet if we’ve had any problems or what was the scariest moment.  The answer to this question is not at all what we expected it to be … Continue reading


Quito surprises

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(May 26 – written by Dave) Ok, ok, no head scratching science in this post, phew. On to the surprises.  The first surprise was Friday morning when we went outside the apartment.  The streets were deserted like a Sunday morning.  … Continue reading


Spinning in Quito

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(May 24 – written by Dave) The other day we crossed the equator and it got me thinking back to my grade school days in the northern hemisphere.  Back in grade school we learned that the ocean and wind currents … Continue reading


Quito – Changing of the guard and other thoughts

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(May 22 – written by Dave) (Happy one year on the road!  One year ago today, we rolled out of Fairbanks, Alaska, starting this trip) In spite of staying in the same apartment as three Peterson sisters, with their countless … Continue reading


Quito – the old city

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(May 20 – written by Dave) So we’ve settled in Quito.  As Nancy mentioned, we are staying a nice apartment in the La Foresta neighbourhood.  We are surrounded by buildings new and old and of a huge variance of architectural … Continue reading


Into the big smoke – Hotel Las Abejas (Hwy 283) to Quito (43k/15,461k, 3500ft)

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(May 18 – written by Nancy) For a short mileage day today it seemed like a hard one.  But we made it into the very large city of Quito without any mishaps and are now relaxing in our very luxurious … Continue reading