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Football and winter touring in Nice

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(written by Dave) First a report from Nice football.  Mats and I went to the Montpellier vs Nice football match last night.  It was the first time either of us had been to a big time European football match. It … Continue reading


Chucking a sickie in the Alps

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(written by Dave) Full disclosure.  I skipped school yesterday and went skiing in the Alps with Alice and Mats, at the resort Isola 2000.  Actually, I didn’t ski, and neither did my mom but Mats did.  Australia readers would know … Continue reading


The swap in Nice

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(written by Dave) Monday was a big day. After 2.5 weeks Nancy’s mom (Jan) flew back to the USA on a 6:20AM flight. My mom (Alice) and nephew (Mats) arrived 6 hours later, also from the USA. We had a … Continue reading


Birthday bust and Monaco Rally

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(Written by Nancy) First, thanks to all for the birthday wishes! I am sorry to report that we did not have any big 50 birthday bash (not yet, at least). I ended up with a bout of food poisoning or … Continue reading


Five-0 Nancy

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(Written by Dave) We’ve had a very quiet Birthday.  No cake, no fancy dinner and not much singing (other than the French class singing in French this morning).  We have a night out planned tomorrow and Nancy (and her Mom) … Continue reading


Ezeing into 50

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(Written by Dave) Yesterday we visited a nearby mountain town called Eze. Tomorrow Nancy turns 50 (editor’s note – acckkkk!!!). So, we are Ezeing into Fifty (editor’s note – not really all that funny). Having just passed this milestone myself, … Continue reading


French wine and other Nice musings

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(written by Dave) Our wine exploration continues…  Before we go too far, it should be noted that a key limiting factor on our wine tasting odyssey is that we drink so little.  This makes research painfully slow.  Our budget is … Continue reading