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Return to Pakse and the heat (87/10,875 ks)

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(written by Nancy) First a quick report on dinner last night. We ate our third meal in two days at Mama Pap’s cafe. Mama Pap is about 5 feet tall and quite a character. She serves really good food in … Continue reading


Chilling in Tat Lo

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(written by Nancy) Today we did almost nothing and here is it 4:30 and we have no idea where the day has gone.  Just a guess but our 4 hours on the resort deck ostensibly eating brekkie may have had a … Continue reading


Coffee picking in Paksong and on to Tat Lo (72/10,788 ks)

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(written by Dave) Today was about us becoming coffee pickers – broadly speaking, it was a success. We hooked up first thing in the morning with our cycling friends Lieneke and Hans, at “Koffie Dick’s” coffee stall. Koffie is the Dutch … Continue reading


Up to the Bolaven Plateau – Pakse to Paksong (56/10,716k)

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(written by Nancy) Well, we tried to get an early start this morning to avoid climbing in the heat but we were foiled by 3, count them 3, flat tires, all on my back tire.  Frustrating but thankfully we did … Continue reading


The plan ahead, to Bolaven Plateau

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(Written by Dave) So we’ve worked out the plan for the next few days. First we are riding east to the Bolaven Plateau for a few days in the highlands. The area was little farmed until the early 20th century … Continue reading


Things look different with bicycle travel

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(Written by Dave) Happy Thanksgiving to all of our US readers.  Both Nancy and I had nice skype video sessions with our families today.  We called right as folks sat down at Nancy’s and we particularly enjoyed being passed round the … Continue reading


Wind becomes our friend to Pakse (120/10,659 ks)

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(Written by Dave) What a difference a day makes.  The wind shifted a few degrees to our back, just about the same time that the road shifted a few degrees downwind.  We rode 120k today before noon which is a … Continue reading