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El Chalten quick update

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(December 13 – written by “Just Dave”) We had a nice rest day in El Chalten.  Rest was goal one.  Getting a photo of Fitz Roy was goal two.  Otherwise, our goals were modest – haha. We didn’t wander far … Continue reading


Two days of hard work – Villa O’Higgins to El Chalten (70k, 25,723k/2,500ft)

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(December 12 – written by “Just Dave”) Today’s blog covers two days, two really hard days of riding, pushing, schlepping and falling under our bikes.  As I said, they were two hard days. I’ll start first with the ride from … Continue reading


Weather delay in Villa O’Higgins

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(December 10 – written by “Just Dave”) Today we are supposed to be on a boat crossing Lago O’Higgins, followed by a 23k bike/hike/push/pull over the mountains to Lago Desierto.  But good old Mother Nature decided that strong winds would … Continue reading


Days three and four – Glacial View Campsite to Villa O’Higgins (82k/k, 25,654k/3,150ft)

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(December 8 – written by “Just Dave”) Today’s blog title might make you think that this post is for two days – it isn’t.  Long-time readers will know that the smell of the open barn door is a strong pull … Continue reading


Day two –Under trees near creek to Glacial View Campsite (77k/k, 25,565k/3,150ft)

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(December 7 – written by “Just Dave”) We’ve complete two of the CA kicker – so far, so good… We ended up being alone in our sad little wild camp last night, that is if you don’t count the cows.  … Continue reading


Day one – Cochrane to Under trees near creek (64k, 25,488k/3,300ft)

(December 6 – written by “Just Dave”) Today was day one of our four-day “last stretch” of the Carretera Austral.  No issues.  The road surface was a bit bumpy but we are used to that.  Climbing today was not as … Continue reading


Cochrane (Co-cra-ne) and the route ahead…

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(December 5 – written by “Just Dave”) First a note about the name of the town that we are staying in and being native English speakers.  Nancy and I (and Joe and Sarah who are from the UK), have been … Continue reading