Nothing to report from Tha Khaek

(written by Dave)

We have virtually nothing to report from today! We found baguettes at brekkie, went to the tourist information office, did some laundry, cleaned the bikes and washed the water bottles. Other than that, we tried to relax and rest.

We did watch a bit of the locals playing petanque (Loas version of the French standard). It seems to be a big sport here in Laos. They have even won some gold medals in international competitions.

Tomorrow we head for Savannakhet. It is a bit of a longish ride but we’ll be sure to get some photos and record something more than chores. We’ll leave it there with a few photos from today – the Mekong sunset is really hard not to snap, even if it did look the same as yesterday.

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5 thoughts on “Nothing to report from Tha Khaek

  1. Beautiful sunset! Even better than the day before, but you aren’t in it! I see Nancy changed her Facebook profile photo to the one of you two and the sunset the day before.
    I don’t know the game petanque, neither the Laos nor the French standard version. It looks a bit like bocce ball, which I think it from Italy.

  2. Beautiful looking tomatoes, much nicer then what I got at the store! OK the sunset is also amazing but I’m missing my fresh produce more then our summer sunsets.

    In the dog picture I think I see 7 or 8 of them, is this common in all of the towns in Laos?

    • Dog count varries. We see a lot fewer during the day. That photo was taken in the morning before the heat sent the dogs into the shade. But even here, they didn’t move for the scooter, the dogs save energy every chance they get. We’ve had zero chasers in Laos.


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