The swap in Nice

(written by Dave)

Monday was a big day. After 2.5 weeks Nancy’s mom (Jan) flew back to the USA on a 6:20AM flight. My mom (Alice) and nephew (Mats) arrived 6 hours later, also from the USA. We had a nice time with Jan – she did a great job nursing Nancy back to health.  On Sunday we strolled the beach boardwalk with Jan, and it was packed.  Quite funny, there are many permanent chairs facing the beach and they were all full of older gray-haired folks.  Seems that on nice weekends they get a chair early and settle in for the day.  A younger set was line skating around some cones, with much skill, I might add (the cones were very close).  Seems that the boardwalk is a real social scene here in Nice on sunny weekend days.  Ah, life in the South of France…

It is great having visitors but we also enjoyed our 6 hours of not having company.  I wanted to wander the apartment in my underwear as suggested by Ross (actually, Ross suggested sans underwear), but fortunately Nancy has still maintained some level of class and keeps me on the straight and narrow.  I’m certain that our neighbours here in Nice appreciated Nancy’s guidance.

I think that we are both over our colds/flus, which is great.  This allowed us tonight to continue our wine research.  I don’t think that we’ve quite done justice to Cote de Rhone but while shopping yesterday, I spotted a Pinot Noir from the Borgogne region that had a catchy label.  We also have a soft spot for Aussie Pinots (much different than Oregon Pinots) so I took the bait.  The French Pinot was probably more like an Oregon Pinot, fairly fruity and light, drinkable but we probably won’t buy a second bottle.  Where we go next is anyone’s guess…

Speaking of drinking, Mats had his first, second and third French beers today.  The first in a beach chair overlooking the Mediterranean with grandma, the second and third “1664s” with dinner (famous French beer name – 1664).  We are trying to talk him into going out with the Swedish girls in our French class but I think that he is a little bit nervous about them!  He and grandma are heading to the Alps for some skiing on Thursday.  I don’t think that my mother and her new hip will be skiing but I guess they will see how she feels on the morning.

Our French classes get progressively harder every week, which I guess is good as it means we are learning more and more.  But learning a new language when you are ‘mature’ is sure hard – fun, challenging, but hard.  Nancy is busy making tables full of verb conjugations, forms of prepositions, notes about how to make masculine and feminine nouns and adjectives and vocabulary list after vocabulary list, which will not surprise those that know Nancy well.  I am just trying to figure out how I say ‘I get up in the morning at 7, I go to bed at…’, and other useful things.  And it will also not surprise those that know us well that we compete for the highest score on our weekly Friday tests (I am winning so far but only because Nancy gets a zero for being sick last week [editor’s note – unfair advantage, cheating!]).  Oh well, exercising the brain a bit is not a bad thing after 9 months on the bike.  The trick will be trying to keep a bit of it as we continue on the ride until we can get back into a French-speaking country.

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10 responses to “The swap in Nice

  1. I was laughing out loud. First at the underwear thing. then the French class. You really are too funny and so fun to read. Thank you!

    Perhaps you should upgrade what you are trying to say. Does anyone REALLY want to know what time you get up in the morning?

    • Thanks – we were laughing when we wrote it! Perhaps Dave could learn how to say what time he puts his underwear on – well, wait, I don’t think he knows how to say underwear yet either….! Nancy

      • Yes, I might be interested in what time he puts on his underwear. The intertubes sentence for “he had no underwear” is “Il n’avait aucun sous-vêtements’. That’s a start.

  2. You need to try a Cote du Ventoux …. only since the Tour goes up Mt Ventoux 🙂

  3. Thanks for posting pictures of Grandma and Mats. Now I know they truly have arrived! I also haven’t seen the haircut and I LIKE it! Have a great time in the Alps, Mom and Mats, while David and Nancy slave away in French class!

  4. Enjoy the family time – good place for Mats to learn from Uncle Dave………….

  5. Hi Dave & Nancy, we are enjjoying your travels, so now it’s France! Take care of my Grandson, Mats & also Alice. I can’t believe he took his ski “stuff” it’s pretty far South! Ah youth.
    Hope you all have a great time together and good luck in French class. I tried German @ a later time in my life and it was difficult.
    Dody Hart

  6. ha ha I can imagine you walking around your apartment with your undies on and holding up a sign like at the airport, …..

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