Our last French lesson in Granville – Granville to Bayeux (44/21,400ks + train, 366m)

(written by Nancy)

We had our last French lesson over breakfast today with our lovely hosts in Granville, Therese and Maurice.  We had another great conversation, working hard on our French and found out that Therese was a radiesthésiste – essentially a dowser or water diviner.  Imagine trying to talk about that in a foreign language!  It was lots of fun – we really lucked out in finding their place to stay during our time in Granville.

We had planned to take the train from Granville if the weather was bad but it wasn’t raining this morning as we had breakfast so we decided to ride from Granville to the next train station, Coutances.  Of course, by the time we got everything packed up it had started to rain – par for the course for us these days.  Therese tried to wipe the rain off our seats but it was a lost cause so after a few photos we rode off with some great memories of Granville.

We actually had a relatively decent ride other than the last 10k or so.  We headed north along the coast, taking some different roads than we had taken on the way down before we headed east to Coutances, where we planned to catch the train to Bayeux.  Our luck continued when we arrived at the station only to find we had missed one train by 1 minute and the next train was not for over 4 hours.  The rain continued to come down so we hung out for a couple of hours at a café in the town center before heading back to the train station to wait out the remaining time until our train.

We had an uneventful train ride, other than a few panic moments when Dave couldn’t get the elevator to work and had to drag his bike down one set of stairs and up the other one to get to the right platform – it would have been pretty bad to miss that train after waiting for over 4 hours for it!

We are now ensconced in our hotel in Bayeux and Dave is busy trying to find a tour that we can do of the many WWII spots there are along the coastline near here.  There is lots to see here so I think it will be a busy few days.

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3 thoughts on “Our last French lesson in Granville – Granville to Bayeux (44/21,400ks + train, 366m)

  1. Many historical sites and stories on the Coast of Normandy. Your stay in Granville wasn’t long but very memorable because of your hosts, Therese and Maurice! Such nice people!

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