Market day in Granville

(written by Dave)

Another day when it is nice not to be slogging it out on the bikes.  It has rained pretty much all day long here in Granville.  We are struggling to get use to winter sunlight as well.  Even though we managed to have the blind up today, it is actually still dark here at 7:30.  We made it to brekkie on time today, but only just.  Same brekkie today accompanied by more French lessons.  We should have lived here when we were studying, it would have made a big difference.

Today, Maurice toasted some of our bread for us and I could not resist grabbing my jar of Vegemite.  What a nice treat, for me at least.  Maurice and Therese were about as impressed by Vegemite as Nancy is – that is, not at all.  Not to worry, more for me that way.

We waited for the rain to slow a little before we ventured out to the Saturday weekly market that is held in Granville.  The market is small but it has everything you need.  It is clearly a local market as I think I was the only one taking photographs.  Everyone seemed to know everyone with lots of kisses on the cheek and handshakes accompanying most purchases.  Local meant that were lots of fish, sausage and cheese stands, along with some great produce.  We wandered for a while, picking up items for dinner and enjoying the vibe.  Luckily the main part of the market is indoors so the rain was not an issue.  We passed on the sausage crepes, instead grabbing a sausage on baguette with chips – sort of new spin on the typical Aussie snags and onions on white bread (or sausage sizzle as we call it in Oz).

At the far end of the market we discovered a small bar/pub that was quite crowded with the early Saturday afternoon crew.  No one seemed to be buying food but beer (1667) and wine were flowing quite freely.  Being a wee bit early in the day for us, we settled for café au lait and Perrier.  We finished our sausage on baguette before going in but needn’t have worried as several folks brought food purchased in the market into the pub and consumed them quite openly, along with a beer or two.  I guess that they have different rules here.  We sat there for a couple hours, using the free WiFi and generally people watching.  I am happy to report that you have to go outside to smoke now in France.  This was the case several years ago but most people simply ignored the rule and smoked inside.  Now it seems that everyone who wants to light up does so outside.

By 3PM, the pub emptied and we decided we better move on as well.  We stopped by the train station to get more information about other train options.  It is so wet and cold today, it is hard to think of riding.  The plan now is to leave here on Monday, spend 3 days in the WWII area north of here, then be in Paris by Thursday night.  We are still on tomorrow for our trip to Mont St Michel as well.

We don’t have to go back out in the rain again tonight as we were quite successful in the market today.  Fresh bread, cheese, olives, spreads and sausage, plus a little bit of wine leftover from the other night.  We can settle in and be glad that we are not in the tent.  Life is not too bad.

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3 thoughts on “Market day in Granville

    • Oh noooo, dirtly clothes nightmares! Don’t worry, we won’t bring the dirty clothes to your house (I’ll save them for my mom’s house!). Nancy


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