Getting higher – Park entrance to Huallanca (72k/17,766k, +3500ft)

 (July 22 – written by Dave)

Today was epic…

CHECK – Trip record riding height – 4,900 metres (16,000 feet)

CHECK – Stunning mountain views all day

CHECK – Super hard riding with dirt, rocks and a ripper paved downhill to finish

CHECK – 10 hours in the saddle

CHECK – Pulling into town at sunset

CHECK – subzero temps in the morning (-1C)

CHECK – Llama

CHECK – dinner with cycling friends to recap the whole thing (Philipp and Kathrin)

CHECK – Exotic new plant – Puya Raimondia

CHECK – too many pictures to post

CHECK – too tired to write more – photo highlights of the day follow

Cordillera Banca Mountains 3

Early morning – Nancy taking on the dirt

Cordillera Banca Mountains 5

A lower peak – not much snow on this one

Llama in the Andes 3

Llama herd grazing

Cordillera Banca Mountains 19

Seen late in the day – burrrr

Mountain moss near first summit 1

Odd moss filled creek near the first summit

Our road

Our road

puya raimondi 6

Puya raimondi plants

Cordillera Banca Mountains 17

Codillera Blanca

Cordillera Banca Mountains 7

And another

puya raimondi 9

More puya raimondi – odd plant

Cordillera Banca Mountains 112

Ice falls

Cordillera Banca Mountains 15

Another Cordillera Blanca peak

The top

At the top – 16,000 feet.  The last photo I was allowed to take or we wouldn’t make it to town before dark.  The downhill had some great views and an amazing set of super fast switchbacks – just imagine that the next couple photos show them – haha

12 thoughts on “Getting higher – Park entrance to Huallanca (72k/17,766k, +3500ft)

  1. Another WOW day. Good for you. It looks beautiful! The 10 hours on a bike doesn’t sound that great but the rest of it is amazing!

  2. Great photos. Happy you survived the 16,000ft. Not so sure I could do that. I’m still amazed at the high altitude life and farming communities. The tree line in the Sierra Nevada runs around 9-11000 ft.

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