Familiarity breeds contentment in Huancayo

(July 30 – written by Dave)

A short post from Huancayo, Peru.  We’ve had a nice rest day here.  Yeah, I know, I’d never heard of Huancayo before yesterday either….

Huancayo cathedral

Huancayo cathedral

Anyway, to the theme of the day.  Back in the day, sometime in the early 1990s, Starbucks opened their first store in Portland, Oregon.  Nancy and I used to go there for her study breaks when she was in law school.  Back then, Starbucks had a marketing poster that showed all of their drinks (a whole lot fewer than they have now).  At the top of the poster was the saying, “Familiarity breeds contentment”.  And that’s exactly what today was about for us.

We love travelling and experiencing other cultures.  We especially like to try new foods, local coffees and wines.  Eating and drinking is a great way to learn about how other people live.

But then there are the other days when you miss home – wherever that is.  And you really miss the foods of home.  The odds of us getting a proper egg and bacon roll in Peru are low.  So today we settled for Starbucks coffee.  I know what you’re thinking, we come all the way to the coffee growing capitals of the world and we drink Starbucks.  But truth be told, it is really hard to get good coffee here.  Peru exports their good coffee and drinks a whole lot of instant.  So when we discovered the only Starbucks (in a town of 400,000 people) was right near our hotel, we jumped at the chance.

Starbucks dreaming

Nancy, Nancy, where’s the Starbucks?


There it is

And then there was lunch.  We ate a Peruvian restaurant but we had “American style” ribs and “Aussie style” chorizo.  And it was great also.

Nancy's lunch

American style ribs

Dave's lunch

Aussie style chorizo

We got Nancy’s bike fixed as well.  For the bike geeks out there, her BB needed grease.  It shouldn’t as it is a sealed bearing but we greased it up all the same and that fixed the creaking sounds.  The mechanic suggested that we get a new BB when we reach Cusco in a few weeks so we’ll see about that.

Zona Xtrema

Zona Xtrema – small but good bike shop in Huancayo

I got my hair cut today as well.  Yes, the admin tasks need to be done when you are on an extended trip – it’s not all martinis and beach towels.  For the record, I paid 10 Sole for my haircut where the other day Nancy paid 8 Sole for her haircut.  To all of our female friends living in Oz, the USA or Europe, when was the last time that you paid less for a haircut than your husband?  In case you were wondering, 10 Sole is $3 USD and 8 Sole is $2.40 USD.  So, neither of us are complaining.

So tomorrow we leave the relatively large city of Huancayo and head back into the hinterlands of Andean Peru.  We’ll not be drinking Starbucks nor having ribs for lunch.  More than likely we’ll be on the locals chicken and rice meals for the next couple weeks.  We’re not complaining, all we needed was that small taste of home today, so we are content and good to go again.  Let the adventures continue.

14 thoughts on “Familiarity breeds contentment in Huancayo

  1. Hi Dave, happy birthday to you! Not a big one I assume? Get a birthday cake and celebrate.That’s what I’ll do…

    Hope the adventures do continue for you and Nancy. Must be missing things if Starbucks appears as a good option!

    Love reading your posts. Adventures indeed, phew!



  2. I’ll pass along my b-day wishes a day early as well as I’m not good with remembering special days for friends… Hey that lunch looked tasty but a little sparse, did you guys get a second lunch somewhere?

  3. Yes…me too…Happy Birthday tomorrow!!! I enjoyed your post today. I’m glad you found a little taste of home. How awesome that the ladies cut was less expensive! Have a fabulous day tomorrow!

  4. Happy birthday Dave. I hope the birthday allows treating yourself to fancy accommodations – some place with a hot shower AND a toilet seat. Enjoying your stories. Safe travels to you both.

  5. Well Happy Birthday Dave from me ‘n’ Mart too. Now WE understand EXACTLY what you mean about Starbucks etc. we did exactly the same thing on arrival in the metropolis of Sharja in the UAE after weeks in Iran, still remember that feeling but then glad to move on to India for more adventures.

  6. Happy Birthday David.Hope the roads get better and better.. and  as i look at the map  I wonder if you are going to hit  ALL  of the states??? You are getting close to the end of Peru… from there  where???   We are fighting fires here… scary.  so far we are ok  but  I worry  and i have Gracie;s bag packed  and mine  half way… Sure do miss Floyd..   so far this is the second year for these horrific fires…  the world is changing..global warming  people say….  whatever that meansHappy riding…good tires and good roads   is my wish for you  Love AP             it is 12:30 am  and I am reading..can’t sleep yet///but that means it is your birthday,  just starting.. 

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