Huánuco ice cream rolls – who knew?

(July 25 – written by Dave)

We’ve had a productive day here in Huánuco.  Bikes cleaned.  More route planning done.  Natural fruit bowl and yogurt for brekkie.  Slept in until 8:30.  All good.  So this will be a short post.

For late lunch (yes lunch) Philipp and Kathrin wanted to try ice cream rolls.  We didn’t know exactly what they were talking about with regard to rolls, but ice cream is always a yes from me so we went along.

For those who’ve never had an ice cream roll, I suggest that you try one ASAP.  Ice cream rolls are basically individually handmade portions of ice cream made for you on the spot by an ice cream maker with two metal spatulas and an instant freeze table.  It was thought to be invented in Thailand in roughly 2009, spreading worldwide in or around 2015 due to internet YouTube videos.

It works like this…


Blue Rolls – Peruvian ice cream rolls

You pick all the things you want in your ice cream – fresh fruit, cookies, brownies, coffee extract, cheesecake, whatever you want.  The ice cream maker puts all of the ingredients on a stainless steel counter that is super cold.  They add milk or cream or maybe sweeten condensed milk.  They then take two large painter spatulas and smash it all together.  Eventually a cold paste is formed which is then spread out into a very flat square on the iced table.  The maker scores the square lengthwise and uses the spatula to make little rolls of ice cream, just the way you ordered it.


Cheese cake and kiwi on cold table


Add condensed milk


Smash and mix


Flattened square – add some more condensed milk


Score to roll width


Roll and add toppings

They add topping of your choice and that’s it.

Nancy got hers, really liked it but had to pause at one point to ask where the ice cream was.  You kind of expect them to add some kind of ice cream, but no, that’s the point, the rolls are your ice cream, handmade to your specific liking.


Nancy’s started with a cookie and coffee extract


Let the mixing/chopping begin


What’s not to like?

Philipp and Kathrin thought it was so good that they were thinking of taking it back to Germany, or maybe Lisbon, or somewhere.  Surely, there must be a business opportunity in this “new” discovery.  Nope – google rolled ice cream and your favourite city name and a shop probably already appears.  Who knew?  None of us, before today that is…

Anyway, back to the ride.  Tomorrow we head due south.  We’ve been kind of wandering north, east and a little south the last few days – forced by the mountains.  Well tomorrow, we head due south and closer to the bottom of South America.  We’ll be riding with Philipp and Kathrin again – our riding styles and food choices are pretty compatible.  Over the next two days we have to climb back up from 2000 metres to 4000 metres.  Luckily, as I mentioned yesterday, we like the uphills better.  We’ll start early as Huánuco is a pretty good-sized town and there is a bit of traffic.  I’m sure we’ll be back into rural Peru within a few k’s.

18 thoughts on “Huánuco ice cream rolls – who knew?

  1. You called it! There is a Rolling Zone Creamery about 2 miles from my house! Looks deliciously fabulous! I never realized that Peru is such a long country. About 2000 km give or take. And taking the winding roads through the Andes, how far is that? You folks are amazing.

  2. Rolled ice cream for lunch! No problem for those that just rode a bike several K. Looks very good. Good thing I didn’t read the post while having dinner, I might not have turned away that dessert menu.

  3. Happy! Love a challenge…. as we are studying Spanish right now to follow in your wheel tracks next yearI will have a stab at the name, phonetically something like yeek-ya-tambo? What d’ya think?

    ¡Ten cuidado!


  4. Good grief! Ice cream rolls are in the UK, company called ‘Pan-n-Ice’. Not in Wales yet sadly, can’t wait to try. Yummmmmmmm

  5. Your famiies (especially Moms) do appreciate your daily blog even when it reveals some scarey things. Happy to hear of some fun things after the hard rides with beautiful pictures!!

  6. No definite route yet, South America only mind you….. We will head out approx October ’19 so start wherever makes best weather sense and work our way around. I am leading a campaign to do the Antarctica trip. Plan on one year-ish duration

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