Guanajuato Photos

(January 23 – written by Dave)

Mostly photos today…  Just a couple thoughts.

  1. Get to Guanajuato while you are young(ish) – this place is all up and all down. Stairs are not even and you’ll be walking a lot.  Your knees, lower back and feet will thank you when you retire for an afternoon siesta.
  2. Get a map, GPS and smartphone with Google Maps – you will get lost. You will find yourself in a tunnel with several layers of street and building above – don’t panic, just look for stairs and go up.
  3. Bring a good camera or at least a photographic memory – every turn reveals more wow moments.
  4. Don’t worry too much about your lack of Spanish – many people speak some English and hand gestures do the rest.
  5. Plan on getting lost several times – see point two, don’t panic.
  6. Don’t count on getting home by looking for the bright green house – there are lots of bright green, red, yellow, blue and everything else houses. See point 2 and trust your electronics.
  7. Don’t bring a car – you’ll be scared to death of driving it here and have to pay a lot to park it. Take the bus.

Most of all, somehow, get yourself here.  It really is a magical little city.  We have barely scratched the surface and are looking forward to two more days of exploring.  More later…

Guanajuato from viewpoint 3

Guanajuato from viewpoint

Us in Guanajuato 1

Co-stars from viewpoint

Monumento al Pipila

Monumento al Pipila

Mercado Hidalgo veggies (2)

Mercado Hidalgo veggies – several types of cacti

Mercado Hidalgo treats

Mercado Hidalgo – freshly fired pork skin – see photo above and below for detox

Mercado Hidalgo veggies

Mercado Hidalgo veggies

Mercado Hidalgo pork skin

Deep fried yum

Nancy and her hevos rancheros

Nancy and her market huevos rancheros

Mercado Hidalgo foos stalls 2

Mark food stalls

Mercado Hidalgo meat seller

Market meet seller, see above veggie photos again

Guanajuato University

University of Guanajuato Library

Guanajuato street food

Street food seller – smelled amazing

Dave and his haircut

Getting the admin done

Don Quijote and Guanajuato

Don Quijote and the city

Don Quijote's hand

Don Quijote’s hand – different statue – Don is popular here

Door of the day

Door of the day

10 thoughts on “Guanajuato Photos

  1. Is hevos rancheros the same as huevos rancheros? 😉 Great photos-looks like a very pretty and interesting city. Glad you are spending some time there-the AirBnB looks great, nice kitchen.

  2. WOW! Amazing pictures even if your camera is a point and shoot. Point 1, is that any worse than the 900+ stairs on that trail in Katoomba?

    • I don’t think that there is anything to it except the fairly common phenomenon that we see everywhere. That is, the most prominent or “in-your-face” part of a bronze statue gets touched a lot, this makes it shinny, it gets touched more because it’s shinny and the whole thing sort of becomes self fulfilling.

      We were pretty happy to see that Michael Angelo’s David was not made of bronze and also not touchable – if you know what I mean.

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