Guanajuato Photos – round two

(January 24 – written by Dave)

More photos that words again today…

We visited the Diego Rivera Museum – which was really more just the house where he was born with a limited number of his works.  Diego and Frida (his third and fourth wife, of five) were famous Mexican artists in the early 1900s.  They were somewhat controversial as well being communist in their political views.  They are both massive now in Mexico.  Diego was probably bigger at the time but now it seems that every street artist in Mexico uses Frida’s image for their “original” graffiti.  There was also another currently living, young and active artist being displayed in the house, but we somehow missed his name and it is nowhere to be found online.  Enjoy some photos below:

Diego's house 2

Diego’s birth place

Frida grafitti 1

Frida graffiti uno

Frida and Diego

From the house – I think this was from one of their non-married times

Frida grafitti 2

Frida number dos

Unknown artist

Unknown artist (to us, we missed the name) – very interesting works

After Diego’s place, we wandered town more.  Here’s a giant stack of photos we took give you more ideas why Guanajuato would be a fun place to visit – captions should tell you the rest of the story…

Kissing street 2

There is a super narrow alley way here call Kissing Street – no prizes for guessing what you do there – it was packed

Kissing street 3

Nancy alone at the top of Kissing Street – locks on window are “physical graffiti” that people buy, carve their names and leave – we kissed just before this photo – we did not leave a lock

Painting Guanajuato 1

Now you know – yes painting seems to be city sponsored – here’s a crew working over a street with lots of different colours

Painting Guanajuato 3

Part of the crew touching up the red on this house

Lunch 1

We had lunch as nice cafe – sun was out – this was our guacamole starter

Parroquia de Basílica Colegiata de Nuestra Señora de Guanajuato 2

“Best church in Guanajuato” – Parroquia de Basílica Colegiata de Nuestra Señora de Guanajuato

Theater dog

Pup with owner on Guanajuato Theater steps

Bracelette seller

Nancy bought a bracelet from this little cutie’s mom

Guanajuato street scene 1

Guanajuato street scene

Guanajuato street art 1

Guanajuato – big face on wall – not sure who it is

Guanajuato houses

Sun setting on our terrace

Door of the day 1

Door of the day

Door of the day 2

Door of the day – 1st runner up

Look here

“mira aqui” – translates to “look here”

Look here - boys being boys

We pointed this out to some passing boys – boys will be boys everywhere – they tried to get a look inside, climbing all over each other and making quite a racket.  We hope that no one was using the bathroom on the other side of the wall – we left quickly!

Delivery in Guanajuato 1

Full marks to this guy – goods delivery in this city would be a nightmare job

Delivery in Guanajuato 2

And these guys as well – each has 36 cases of beer in glass bottles – and they are smiling


4 thoughts on “Guanajuato Photos – round two

  1. Hi guys, as my sunset is getting later (5 PM), just wondering how many hours of daylight you guys have, what the temps are, etc.

    From your pics the town looks really clean, still there are bars on the windows so a little concern with crime but it seems the locals take a certain pride in their town.

    • Sunset is about 6PM. Sunrise is about 7AM. We are seeing highs in the low 70s. Lows are probably still dropping into the high 30’s here at 2,000 metres.

      We have seen a number of folks sweeping the streets and picking up trash. Plus there are lots of bins around so you never have to look far to dispose of your rubbish.

      Bars are common, though I’m not sure why. It doesn’t feel unsafe. It makes a difference not being able to read the local news – so you never really know.

      We’ve certainly seen a change in the police since getting more inland. In Baja and in the coastal states, where the USA has travel warnings, police were in trucks, with 4 to 6 guys, all with M16s and faces covered to conceal identity. Here there is no body armour, no armoured trucks and no M16s. Police have almost comical motorcycles and are actually out walking the streets. Nothing close to high alert. We like it better.

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