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Meanwhile in Oregon – San Cristobal to Comitan (93k/11,019k)

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(February 23 – written by Dave) San Cristobal is sometimes called “the Oregon of Mexico”.  Today we saw why, for a time riding through pine forests and climbing a pass that reminded us of Santiam Pass in Oregon.  There were … Continue reading


San Cristobal food and culture

(February 21 – written by Dave) Food, glorious food.  We like rest days in bigger towns, especially when those towns are on the tourist trail and there are lots of good food options.  I’ve kind figured out a few of … Continue reading


Up, up and more up –Tuxtla to San Cristobal (66k/10,925k 1,900 metres of climbing)

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(February 19 – written by Dave) Wow, what a day.  We were on the road for over seven hours.  We only road 66k (41 miles) and we only had one uphill, but it was a doozy of an uphill.  In … Continue reading


Three door day – Cintalapa to Tuxtla (77k/10,859k)

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(February 18 – written by Dave) It was a quiet Saturday night in Cintalapa.  At one point Nancy was outside and came back in to tell me that there was a parade coming.  I grabbed my camera and ran out … Continue reading


Bus/rest day –San Pedro Tapanatepec to Cintalapa (10,782k)

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(February 17 – written by Dave) Today we took the bus because high winds were forecast and several other riders have had significant issues with the wind on the route we were planning.  Safety first as they say.  Having said … Continue reading


Winds and earthquakes part two –Juchitan de Zaragoza to San Pedro Tapanatepec (108k/10,782k)

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(February 16 – written by Dave) In yesterday’s blog we reported on wind and earthquakes.  Well, that turned out to be just the warm-up act for the main event which followed over the next 24 hours. First earthquakes.  Nancy felt … Continue reading


Winds and earthquakes – Jalapa del Marquesa to Juchitan de Zaragoza (61k/10,676k)

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(February 15 – written by Dave) First up, good news, Nancy is feeling better.  She still has the hacks but she is much better today and clearly on the mend.  My cold is all but gone.  Nothing blue skies and … Continue reading