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The rest of the story…

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(May 28 – written by Dave) We are often asked by people we meet if we’ve had any problems or what was the scariest moment.  The answer to this question is not at all what we expected it to be … Continue reading


The Butchart Gardens

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We spent a good deal of today at the Butchart Gardens.  It is quite the place.  There were lots of people but heaps more blooms.  It was really hard to pick out which pictures to post but here’s a sample … Continue reading


Vancouver Island complete –Salt Spring Island to Victoria (56k/3011k)

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(July 6 – written by Dave) What a great day we had today!  It started with more campground stories with various other travellers.  Most impressive was 9 year old Amelia (and her parents Diane and Rob).  Yesterday Amelia rode 49k … Continue reading


Island hopping – Nanaimo to Salt Spring Island (74k/2955k)

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(July 5 – written by Dave) Jungle Pot RV park turned out to be fairly quiet over night, in spite of being right on the motorway.  We were either tired or the truck traffic may have calmed down.  Either way, … Continue reading


Happy 4th of July in the sunshine – Cumberland to Nanaimo (108k/2881k)

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(July 4 – written by Nancy) We hit the road today after a nice relaxing day off in Cumberland.  Yesterday we didn’t do much but wander the town a bit, drink some nice coffee, eat some good food and do … Continue reading


Island spirit–Campbell River to Cumberland (55k/2773k)

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(July 2 – written by Dave) We survived Canada Day night in the Campbell River Fishing Village.  The Mounties only had to come the park once and really, it was just a minor domestic disturbance that barely merited wasting the … Continue reading


Canada Day –Sayward Junction to Campbell River (74k/2716k)

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(July 1 – written by Dave) Super quiet night in tenting area of the Sayward Valley Resort.  The owners were working feverishly on their Canada Day float late into the night but neither of us heard a sound.  We were … Continue reading


Sign confusion day –Woss Lake campground to Sayward Junction (74k/2642k)

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(June 30 – written by Dave) We had an exciting night in the old Woss Lake Campground.  We were in bed early and sometime – I have no idea what time it was – some varmints decided that they wanted … Continue reading


3 bikers day –Alder Bay to Woss Lake campground (71k/2568k)

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(June 29 – written by Dave) We’ve arrived at the blip on the map called Woss.  In fact, we managed to find Woss Lake campground.  It had pretty mixed reviews but it turned out to be alright – nothing fancy … Continue reading


Heading down the Island – Port Hardy to Alder Bay (58k/2497k)

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(June 28 – written by Nancy) We’ve had a nice easy introduction to riding on Vancouver Island.  Yesterday we spent the morning in Port Hardy proper – it was about a 4k ride in from our campsite at Port Hardy … Continue reading