Birds in El Calafate

(December 18 – written by “Just Dave”)

We already posted a blog today but then we had a photogenic afternoon that merited a quick second post.  This afternoon’s photo excitement involved going to the local laguna here in El Calafate.  It’s a short stroll from our apartment to the laguna.  I went down there to see if there were any pink flamingos and boy did I get a treat.  See below for more fun photos.

I also snapped a photo of calafate – the bush.  It is sometimes called a blueberry but it is not what we know as a blueberry.  When ripe, the berries look like blueberries and they are also used much the same way as blueberries.  Nancy’s new favourite ice cream is none other than calafate flavour.  I think we’ll be beyond the end of the trip before the berries ripen in the wild, which is a shame as they’d be a nice supplement to our morning oatmeal and they are certainly everywhere in the Patagonian Steppe.

Tomorrow we head out to make our way to Puerto Natales.  The current plan is a 5 day ride that takes us through Torres del Paine but we have some options for alternative routes if the weather is not cooperating.  We will likely be out of mobile signal so it may be a few days before any blog entries are posted.

This is just a short post to get the photos out, so I’ll stop there…  Enjoy and wish us luck with the wind!


Green calafate

Longtailed meadowlark

Longtail meadowlark 

Pink flamingos 1

Flamingo overdose starts

Pink flamingos 5

And keeps going…

Pink flamingos 6

And going….

Pink flamingos 7

Hard to get them not eating

Pink flamingos 8


Pink flamingos 9


Pink flamingos 10

Fake or real?

Pink flamingos 11

And more….

Pink flamingos 4

And my favourite


10 thoughts on “Birds in El Calafate

  1. I enjoy looking at the pictures of glaciers and flamingoes. The Calafate bush looks like a huckleberry bush to me. Hope you have favorable weather for the next stage.

  2. Great photos once again. I wonder if those Calafate berries would grow here in Southern California. They would look great in my yard, and of course in a jar of jam. How large are the berries? From the looks of the photo, I’m guessing an inch in diameter.

    • Here in South America, blueberries, calafate berries, huckleberries and cranberries are called arándano. I’m not sure where they get huckleberries. I’m guessing that all four are related species.

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