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Tierra del Fuego National Park

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(January 10, written by Dave) Today we visited Tierra del Fuego National Park (TDF NP).  It is billed as the southernmost national park in Argentina but it is not the southernmost point in Argentina.  The southern point would be the … Continue reading


Ushuaia update

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(January 9, written by Dave) It seems a little weird to keep blogging now that we’re done riding but we’ve decided to call the trip “complete” at exactly 600 days, when we get back to the good old USA on … Continue reading


End of the road –Lago Escondido to Ushuaia (66k/26,982k/2,600ft)

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(January 7, written by Dave and Nancy) The End Fin del Mundo.  Fin del Ruta.  Fin our tired legs! What a day.  Sometimes, highly anticipated days fail to live up to the hype.  Today, hype was exceeded! The day started … Continue reading


More TDF winds – Tolhuin to Lago Escondido (56k/26,916k/1,500ft)

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(January 6  written by Dave) Today’s blog starts with last night – we managed to catch up with Sarah and Andy (from the UK).  They are taking the “long-cut” to Ushuaia and we probably will not get to see them … Continue reading


Trees again – Rio Grande to Tolhuin (111k/26,860k/2,500ft)

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(January 5– written by Dave) High winds were forecast again for today but it looked like they might come around more from the north, thus becoming friendlier.  Still, you never know, so we were up early to try getting a … Continue reading


Border issues

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(January 4– written by Dave) The title of this blog could lead some to thinking that we’re wading into political territory, commenting on the US government shutdown over border issues.  Sorry to disappoint – that dispute will not be mentioned … Continue reading


Ocean views – San Sebastian to Rio Grande (84k/26,749k/700ft)

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(January 3– written by Dave) We had mostly quiet night in the Argentina border station.  The lights in our room stayed on all night, trucks and cars continued to pass through the Argentina country exit just outside our door and … Continue reading