Not much day – Cuidad Insurgentes to Cuidad Constitucion (29k/8037k)

(October 28 – written by Dave)

Not much happened today.  It was a really short day distance wise – only 29k

We had two turns all day – a right turn leaving the old hotel and another right turn entering the new hotel.  The rest of the road was 100% straight.  If you can find the two Cuidads on the map, check out the road between them – it is dead straight.

I took three photos riding between the towns, mainly because it is hard to take pictures of nothing.  And there is nothing out there.  Actually, there was something kind of exciting today – we woke up to cloudy skies!  I think that’s the first time in at least a month, probably more.  No rain or even threat of rain, and by the time we were on the road the sun was already coming through.

Nothing horse

Photo one – nothing to see here but a horse

Nothing shrine

Photo two – nothing here but a shrine

Third picture of the day, the finishing town

Photo three – town sign at endpoint

Sometimes you have days like this.  A short day occurs most often when towns or services are located at less than ideal distances.  We could have ridden further today but that would have meant bush camping in an open field, next to the flat, nothing road.  The straight road from today goes on in the same direction with no up or down, for the next 35 miles.  So rather than worry about bush camp, we stopped in the last town with a hotel.

Town fonder

Cuidad Constitucion founder

We arrived here before 11AM.  We couldn’t check into the hotel until 1PM so we went to the bike shop (really just a repair and small parts shop), had a late second brekkie and finally visited one of the three paleterias on main street (remember a paleteria is a popsicle store).  Nancy tried a lime popsicle this time (she said it was refreshing) and I had strawberry milk.  There were three different kinds of strawberry – plain, milk and cream.  The former is more like a traditional paddlepop, the later more like ice creams on a stick and the middle one, you guessed it, is halfway between.  Wow, what exciting stories from today’s blog, eh?

Two fisted popper

Two fisted popper

People watching photos from today…


Means stop – no kidding.  We watched 100s of cars not stop at this 4-way stop sign.  In fact, 1 in 10 stopped.  Many didn’t even slow down.  Either direction.  Amazing to watch.  No accidents, we’re not sure how.

No worries if your sterio won;t fit in your car 3

Stereo doesn’t fit in your car, no worries, just mount it on top.

No worries if your sterio won;t fit in your car 2

And again.  Maybe they shouldn’t have purchased a Mini, if they wanted that big of stereo

Bike resting

Dave’s bike resting from day’s excitment

Cuidad Constitucion is bigger than the last town and has more options for dinner.  We are now killing time relaxing in our mini-suite at the very fancy Hotel Posadas Del Ryal (not really, it is okay but nowhere near the word ‘fancy’).  Soon, it will be time to eat again.  We paid an extra 50 pesos so that we could have the ground floor mini-suite and not have to drag our bikes up the stairs to a normal room (all the ground floor normal rooms were full).  Fifty pesos is about $2.50 USD and even though we had extra time, it seems worth it not to have to drag everything up and down the stairs.

Our suite

The little alcove makes it a suite, I think

It must be time for my nap now.  I’ll wrap this up before readers or my senior editor fall asleep…  Tomorrow we are not sure where we are riding or how far we will go.  We are excited about the possibility of having more things to see and can hardly wait for our first turn at the 35 mile mark.  If anything exciting (or even slightly more exciting) happens, we’ll let you know.


10 thoughts on “Not much day – Cuidad Insurgentes to Cuidad Constitucion (29k/8037k)

  1. Good on ya! And, oh, by the way, Happy Nevada Day! (Well, officially that was yesterday, but today was the parade.) We met up with the Dietrichs and also saw Fran and Kevin. The parade was long and hot (probably one of the hottest on record) and very few bands. We’re not sure why, however, but it seemed weird with out the White Pine band or the Elko band or even my school district’s band not going by. There must be a band competition elsewhere. So, there you go… all caught up on the happenings in Carson City! Those paleterias look very refreshing!

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