Epic day –Lake Isabella to Tehachapi (106k/6063k)

(September 20 – written by Dave)

There is a lot to say about today but its late and I’m not really sure where to start.  My senior editor is passed out, so that should give you some idea.  We rode a metric century and climbed a whopping 7,500 feet.  We had four separate hard climbs and it took pretty much all day.  We had some issue finding a campground and ended up not getting to our site until 6:30.

We ate dinner, got our laundry done and made arrangements for a warmshowers host tomorrow.  Now I’m just trying to get a few pictures posted so that I can pass out as well…  Anyway, we’ll be back tomorrow with more of the story – but suffice it to say, this Sierra Cascades Bicycle route is really hard!  Photos and caption below tell today’s story…

Prickly Pear

Cacti photo from morning while we were still fresh

Nice place for a late lunch

had late lunch here

Lake Isabella in the distance

Lake Isabella from space

Interesting loop

We saw this – google it – very cool

Welcoming committee

These guys made us feel welcome in their valley

We rode here anyway

We rode here anyway – or we might not have ever made it to camp

Turbines 2

We saw these late in the day and may one day write about them

Thats Nancy

That’s Nancy – going up

Nancy going down 4

That’s Nancy – going down

Nancy going up (2)

That’s Nancy – going up

Nancy going down (2)

That’s Nancy – going down

Nancy going down (3)

That’s Nancy – well, you get the idea

Two old guys 2

That’s how we feel tonight!


12 responses to “Epic day –Lake Isabella to Tehachapi (106k/6063k)

  1. Remember what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You are both very strong after today’s ride.

  2. Hope you have a good sleep tonight! The day sounds tough! You need some pancakes for brekkie! Cold here tonight but I’m going to the beach on Friday & it’s supposed to get nicer. Bamboo Lecture was great!

  3. Brutal… I hope you have a better day today. Sorry I missed you in Yosemite. Patricia had a great ride at the Mammoth Gran Fondo.

  4. Wow. Good for you. You deserve a break!

  5. That is fun? You need to slow down and have tea more often

  6. Impressive ride – metric century with gear and climbing that high. I’m exhausted thinking about it.

  7. Excellent captions. Onward!

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