Goodbye to our guests and one more day in Georgetown

(written by Nancy)

Well, today we said goodbye to Gretchen and Steve – it was sad to see them go as I really enjoy hanging out with my sister and it will be awhile before we get to see family again.  Thanks again to Gretchen for making the trip over and treating us to this nice hotel –  it was a nice break not having to worry about where we would stay each night.  And if anyone else is thinking of coming to Penang, I would heartily recommend the Hotel Penaga – a great spot.

We had intended to take the ferry to Langkawi this morning but I wasn’t quite enough over my stomach bug to take on a 2-hour ferry ride followed by a 40k ride (with no idea where the next bathroom might be…).  So after we made the decision to stay another day we took full advantage of the hotel until the 12:00pm checkout time, including getting our last free breakfast and then lounging about.  Dave also threatened to use all 4 showers but he was already dressed so decided it was too much trouble.  He did, however, make excellent use of the complimentary house slippers, even wearing them to breakfast.

We checked back into the hotel that we stayed at before Gretchen arrived – they even remembered our name when we showed up to check in, which was kind of nice.  We spent some time this afternoon to try to do a bit of planning for our first few days in Thailand.  It’s good to have a little bit of an idea where we will go after we get off the ferry from Langkawi.

My stomach bug seems to be almost gone – courtesy I am sure of the nice antibiotics that Gretchen gave me last night.  Perhaps we will have to make sure all of our visitors bring nice heavy antibiotics with them and that they leave them with us when they go (thanks to Gretchen and Steve for contributing theirs!)

Off to Langkawi tomorrow, hoping for calm seas in the morning…

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye to our guests and one more day in Georgetown

  1. Nancy hope you are 100% better soon.

    Yesterday on the news I heard about severe floods in southern Thailand. Nakhon Si Thammarat (east coast), is one of the worst-hit provinces.
    How is that going to effect your bike tour in Thailand?

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