Guest photographers and back to the grind

(written by Dave)

Back to the grind tomorrow. Gretchen and Steve are off to the US and back to the work grind. We are heading by ferry to Langkawi and back to the no-star-hotels and unknown-path-ahead grind. All of us have completely enjoyed Penang and Georgetown. There is lots to see and do here, plus it’s not a bad place to hang out if you just want to chill. The people here are all very friendly, the food is fantastic and the cultural bend of Malay, Chinese and Indian really does work. It helps when your sister-in-law shouts a fancy hotel where the staff changes your sheets everyday (and the sheets fit the bed, and the towels are thick, and there is an espresso machine, and, and, and… you get the point – 5 stars is pretty cool). Cheers Gretch!

As I’ve mentioned in the last couple posts, we are looking forward to Thailand. Of course, Langkawi (Malaysia) our next stop, is supposed to be nice also so we’ll have a look there as well. We are currently planning on staying an extra day in Langkawi. It is not that we need more time off, but it seems a shame to just rush through. Remember, we don’t really have a schedule.

In honour of our departing guests, I pinched their camera memory cards and culled off some of their best photos for today’s slide show. Nancy left the photography to the three of us and we pretty much followed each other around for 9 days taking all the same photos. Even with that, Gretchen and Steve took some nice shots. It was very difficult getting down to the attached 30 photos. They did not have editorial rights to the photos, in case any of Steve’s friends back in the USA are wondering his new Beckham look.

Nancy here, back to editing duties…Thanks again to Gretchen for coming to visit and giving us this great break in a lovely hotel (I’ve already asked her if we can go on all her vacations with her….) It was really nice to spend time with family, explore Penang together and just hang out a bit. We had a great time and are looking forward to our next rendezvous!

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2 thoughts on “Guest photographers and back to the grind

  1. Hey Folks, It’s good to hear that ya’ll had a good time in Penang. Wanted to let you know that Anja and Tom made it to our place here in S’pore yesterday. They will make arrangements for furthering their tour throughout Indonesia next, for a couple of months before heading into DownUnder..

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