Tourists in Georgetown

(written by Dave)

Just a quick post…  We had another lazy day in Georgetown today.  We are under strict instructions from Nancy’s sister to NOT see any sites until she arrives.  So… while we did see some sites, they were only places that we stumbled on during brief wander in the hotel neighbourhood.  And we didn’t enjoy any of them – promise.

In our wanders we managed to snap some photos that I thought were worth posting.  We came across a young Malaysian couple getting wedding photos taken.  They were more than happy to let me take a quick photo.  We also managed to walk back to the ferry wharf and got some nice photos of a big storm over the mainland.  And finally, for my friends at Polycom – “world class naan” was just too good to pass up – can you win buzz word bingo from a billboard?

In the spirit of full disclosure, we had dinner at a restaurant that LP said served good pizza (Ecco Cafe).  It is only 4 doors from our hotel so we claim a free pass on the “no visit rule”.  If this was an infraction, it was worth it.  We had the best pizza we’ve found so far in Malaysia.  Proper thin crust and no corn!  We may have to take a trip back there…

Tomorrow we have another lazy day planned.  Except for those taxes – we HAVE to get them done…

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3 thoughts on “Tourists in Georgetown

  1. Have both of you been to Gurney Drive’s hawker stalls to sample the best hawker fare Penang has to offer? It only opens for dinner. For exact address, check with your hotel staff. Gurney Drive hawker fare is a must do thing in Penang. Try char kway teow, laksa, etc. Like at any hawker fare, it is best to sample as many dishes as possible.

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