Brief update from Georgetown

(written by Dave)

We are feeling pretty good making it to Georgetown. While not the end of Malaysia, we’ll only have one stop left when we go through Langkawi, in a few weeks time. We’ve ridden nearly 2000ks in Malaysia, taking a bit of circuitous route to get here. As we’ve mentioned, we are meeting Nancy’s sister Gretchen and her friend Steve – they arrive on Monday. All up we will be here in Penang for almost two weeks. We will not be posting everyday, rather only after something notable or if we get some great photos.

So far in only one day, we really like the vibe of Georgetown. The Chinese/British architecture in old-town is great and we are thrilled to have already found good Indian and Chinese eateries. With luck we’ll have a little more meat on our bones and some fresh legs when we finish up our break.

We are planning on one ride while we are here as we’ve managed to convince the Georgetown cycling club to let us into their sold out ride around the island. The ride is called CFAL – Campaign For A Lane – and it’s all about making riding safer on Penang Island. How could we not support such a good cause?

Anyway, a few photos from Georgetown are included below – check again in the coming days for new posts.

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3 thoughts on “Brief update from Georgetown

  1. We loved Georgetown. Our picks. A great family owned, bike friendly coffee house with parking for bikes inside. Run by Tigun, Sandra, and their son, Zen.

    The Clan houses at the Jetty. Wonder about the houses, it’s cool.

    The Leong San Tong Khoo Kongsi. They filmed Anna and the King here. They charge a slight fee. Gary works with a guy (Khoo) who grew up here.

    Last but not least, The Red Garden food stalls. Great food and atmosphere.

    Be careful on the coastal road, it is NOT bike friendly. Tigun is a great source of bike info.

    Have FUN!!!!!!

  2. Your posts typically show up about the time I am starting work. I enjoy reading them in the morning. Don’t delay too long between posts. What may seem ordinary for you is interesting and quite exotic compared to my daily routine. The Georgetown Cycling Club should declare you as the guests of honor for their ride around the island.

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