Thailand Accommodation

Below are the details of the places we stayed in Thailand.  There is also useful information in several Crazyguyonabike journals – see 2WheelsRTW and A Tandem Tour of SE Asian Wonders for some other routes and accommodation options.

Round 1 – Malaysian border to Laos border

Ang Yee Guesthouse, 21 / 23 Tirasatit, Amphur Muaeng – great new guesthouse right in town.  Room with A/C was 550B (fan rooms were 350B), with shared bathrooms (2 upstairs) with great rainshowers.  There were only 4 rooms upstairs, we were the only guests on the Sunday night we stayed there so it was no issue.  It all was very clean and the owner (goes by Cheer) was a lovely guy who really wanted to make us feel at home.  Would have been very easy to stay another day.  We stored our bikes in the garden out back.  Free wi-fi.

Coming from the ferry the guesthouse is a left turn down the street opposite the K Bank (green bank on right side).  It is also just past the temple on main street on the left.  A 7-11 is just down the street, as well as phone shops if you need to pick up a Thailand sim.

We ate dinner at the guesthouse (good food) but there are other restaurants in town (including a placed called Ons, which has some good food and a good Western breakfast).

Langu (52k from Satun)
Pruksa Resort (?) (signs all in Thai) – 400B for ensuite room with A/C, satellite TV and free wi-fi.  Bikes were rolled right into the room.  This was a decent hotel, we think the only one in Langu (there are apparently some resorts further toward the coast at Pak Bara).  Langu has two entry points.  If you take the first junction (coming from Satun) ride to the traffic light and turn right.  The road to the hotel is past the overarching ‘welcome to’ sign, just opposite a concrete tower, right before the Zepher(?) internet cafe.  See sign below that is on the main road  Turn left and follow the road for about 100meters – the entrance is just across from the big radio tower.  If you are coming from the other junction you come straight in on this main road and turnoff will be to your right.

Many hawker stalls along the road for food.

Trang (100k from Langu)
Ban Aythong Hotel – 890B for twin room with A/C, ensuite, TV and free wi-fi.  Bikes were taken up to the room (no lift so had to carry up the stairs).  The hotel is right next to the train/bus station and across from the big Lee supermarket.  It is painted purple, so hard to miss.  The room was very clean with a nice bathroom.

There are several guesthouses in town, we tried the My Friend Guesthouse (just at the end of the same street, referred to in Lonely Planet) but it was booked out.

Between Trang and Krabi
We saw a sign for a guesthouse/resort at about 75k or so from Trang (sign on left side) and saw another one for the FV Garden Resort at about 85k or so from Trang.

Krabi (130k from Trang)
Orange Tree House 12 Pruksa-Uthit Road | Paknam, Muang– 600B for twin room, ensuite, A/C, free wi-fi and satellite TV.  Bikes locked in back kitchen on ground floor.  Lots of accommodation options in Krabi.

Night markets down at the pier for great food.

Phang-nga (83k from Krabi)
Phang-nga Inn, 2/2 Soi Lohakit, Phang Nga Town.  800B for large room on ground floor, A/C, ensuite, free wi-fi.  They did have cheaper rooms.  Bikes were locked in garage area near reception.  The street the hotel is on is just across the main road from a school, right after a 7-11 and near the Big C (shopping mall).  There is a sign on the road for the hotel.  The owner of the hotel speaks English very well and can help with recommending restaurants and arranging tours if interested.

Khura buri (112k from Phang-nga)
Boon Piya Resort, entrance on the main road (Hwy 4) across the street from the 7-11.  Blue sign on the road, chalets are back in from the road.  Each of the chalets are free-standing, with A/C and ensuites and free wi-fi, 500B.  Very clean, very good value.  Bikes were kept in the room.  Lots of hawker stalls around the area and across the street.

There is a resort, the Khura Buri Greenview Resort, that is about 12k before you get to Khura buri which looked nice, rooms were over 1000B and there is not much around.  There is another hotel just on the outskirts of town (before you get into the main town area) called the Khura buri On See Resort.

Bang Ben Beach (78k from Khura buri)
Wasana Resort, turn-off is 7k or so from Kapoe, resort is 9km down the road toward Laem Son National Park/Bang Ben Beach.  The resort is run by a Dutch/Thai and has about 7 separate chalets of varying prices, we paid 500B for ours with A/C, ensuite (bucket flush toilet), free wi-fi and TV with one English channel.  The rooms are relatively rustic but clean.  It was quite rainy when we were there so things were a bit musty but I expect it would be quite pleasant outside the rainy season.  Each of the bungalows have a little deck with table and chairs so would be a nice spot to hang out.

There was a hotel between Khura Buri and Kapoe (can’t remember the location exactly but I think it was less than 20k from Kapoe) called the I-hotel or something similar.  It was on the right side of the road off the road a bit but there were a couple of signs for it.  A bit further on there was a sign for another one of the same name.  The Wasana resort owner said there were two of the i-hotels owned by the same company.  He also said there was a relatively new guesthouse/hotel in Kapoe but we did not see it.

Ranong (56k from Bang Ben Beach)
Le Ranong Bistro Hotel, 140/10 Thamuang Rd., A.Muang, Ranong.  690B with ensuite, A/C, free wi-fi, TV with several English channels.  Bikes kept locked in lobby area on ground floor.  Room is very nice, nice bathroom, and has large fridge.  There is a cafe downstairs with good food and nice coffee.

Kraburi (59k from Ranong)
Pannika Resort, about 1k south of Kraburi town proper, on the right side.  500B for bungalow with ensuite (bucket flush toilet), A/C, wi-fi (30B/hour).  The owner, Aungkana, is very welcoming and usually knows when cyclists are coming along due to her network further down the road.  This place is listed in a Dutch touring book so she gets lots of cyclists.  She will do a breakfast for you as well for about 120B/person.

There is not much in the way of restaurants or food shops right near the bungalows but it is only 1k to town where there is a market, 7-11 and lots of shops.

We have read that there is a hotel in town somewhere but we did not see it.  There is another set of bungalows about 8k or so north of town as well.

Chumphon (68k from Kraburi)
Panatara Hotel –  240/1 Paraminmunka Rd, Amphur Muang, Chumphon.  700B for room with king-sized bed, ensuite, fridge, A/C, free wi-fi, bikes kept in room (lift).  Twin-bed room was 550B
Very nice new hotel on west end of town, just past the City Pillar.  Lots of shops around, small coffee shop at the bottom of the hotel.  The night market was about 1k from the hotel (right near the Ocean View mall) and there are several hotels and guesthouses around that area.

We found some self-service coin-operated laundry machines near the hotel on Suksamur Street – a rare find in Thailand so far.

Bang Saphan (107k from Chumpon)
Rama Inn,  Bang Saphan Rd, Bang Saphan (coming from south turn right just before crossing the railroad tracks – hotel is just down the road on the right).  350B for double with ensuite, A/C, fridge, free wi-fi.  Bikes locked in lobby area.

Pretty basic rough hotel, not a place you would want to spend too much time.  It is centrally located though, with lots of shops, 7-11s and eateries nearby.

There is apparently another nicer hotel about 1k north of town called the Ismuk Hotel.  There are also several resorts and guesthouses between Bang Saphan Noi and Bang Saphan.  See for details and some great maps.

Prachaup Khiri Khan (83k from Bang Saphan)
Prachaup Beach Hotel, 123 Susek Road, Prachaup Khiri Khan.  750B for sea view room (650B for mountain view), ensuite, A/C, fridge, free wi-fi.  Bikes kept locked down in restaurant area.

Nice newer hotel right on the beach.  Rooms are clean and the staff are very friendly.  There are several restaurants along the beachfront and there is a night market down by the pier.

Hua Hin (95k from Prachaup Khiri Khan to Hua Hin town)
Stayed at friend’s place.  There are lots of guesthouses and hotels in Hua Hin town proper and almost any kind of food you could want.

Ratchaburi (125 from Hua Hin town)
Numsin Hotel, 2-16 Krapetch Rd, Ratchaburi.  380B for double room, ensuite, A/C, TV (Thai only).  Bikes were kept in lobby near 24-hour receptionist.

Basic hotel but pretty clean.  Lots of food options within walking distance.  Night market along the river about 3 blocks away.  There was another hotel just down the street (started with an A), looked a bit rougher but we did not check out the rooms.

Kanchanaburi (89k from Ratchaburi)
Ploy’s Guesthouse, Mae Nam Kwae Road (turn at left at war cemetery, right at the next road, then left again at the Apple Guesthouse and follow road around to the right) – Ploy’s is on the left hand side.  We paid 800B for a Garden Room (on the ground floor), there were less expensive rooms upstairs.  Rooms had A/C, ensuite, TV (with multiple English channels) and small fridge.  Free wi-fi but only seemed to work well in the restaurant area.  Small infinity pool.  Toast and coffee included (7-10am).  Bikes kept in room.

Nice room in a good location.  The restaurant area was a nice spot with a view right out to the river, pleasant place to spend the morning.  Lots of good restaurants right near the guesthouse -Tai Thai right across the road, Bell’s pizza down the road, and the Nut Bar back near the Apple Guesthouse.

Dan Chang (122k from Kanchanaburi)
Danchang Green View Resort (  New resort about 1k from center of town – head E on 3350 out of town and turn north (left if coming from town) across from the hospital.  Resort is about 500m down this road on the right hand side.  500B for double room with A/C, ensuite, fridge, TV, free wi-fi (not too strong though).  Bikes kept in room.

The rooms are very clean and relatively big, with a small lounge and table.  There is a range of rooms, ours has a nice little back porch with outside table and chairs.  Downside is that this place is not very close to much food.  The women working at the resort actually went and got us food for lunch and then let Dave borrow the resort scooter to go get some food for dinner.

There is another hotel near here called the Chatkaew that had a decent review on Trip Advisor.  We also saw signs to a hotel about 3k before we came into the town proper – there were quite a few food places out that way as well so that might be a good option.

Hup Pa Tad Homestay (85k from Dan Chang)
Hup Pa Tad Homestay ( – only in Thai but has map).  This ended up being a lovely spot, surrounded by huge rock mountains, quiet with great, clean spacious bungalows.  We paid 800B for queen size bed, A/C, ensuite, refrigerator, TV (only Thai channels).  Bikes kept in room.  Breakfast is included in the price and it comes with lots and lots of food.  The proprietor is a lovely woman who speaks enough English to get by and you can call ahead to make sure they have rooms available.

The only downside is that there other than breakfast there is no food service at the resort.  We knew that ahead of time and had lunch in Huai Khot before we rode on to the resort.  We also had some pasta and sauce with us and they let us use their cooker to make our dinner.  However, there appeared to be some food stalls just at the intersection of the road the resort is on and the more major road so I expect you could get take away from there and the resort would give you dishes to use.

It was a bit confusing to get there but the resort ended up being about 500 metres or so beyond Hup Pa Tat park (on the same road) and there are some signs to this park along the way – most locals also  seem to know where this is.  The smaller road to the park and the resort intersects a road (appears to be un-numbered) that we turned right onto off of road no. 4010 (coming from the south from Huai Khot).  From the north the turnoff to this unnumbered road is located on road No. 3438 (Lan Sak-Nong Chang Rd) at the point that is 12k from Lan Sak and 20k from Nong Chang.  From the north it is about 4.5k from the 3438 turnoff to the turnoff to the park and resort.  From the south it was a bit further – maybe 6k or so.  It is the turn to go to the wat/temple so you will go under a big gate with figurines on each side.

Sounds hard but it’s not really – just keep asking the locals.  The location is pretty magnificent and if you can get food at the more major road it would be worth a rest day as there is some gorgeous scenery.  The wat near the park seemed to have multiple caves with buddhas – we only saw the first little bit but it would have been an interesting place to explore.

There is a hotel in Huai Khot called the Dream Hotel if you get desperate but the rooms looked pretty shabby and smelled very musty so we passed on it and were very glad we had when we found the resort.

Solat Bat (102k from Hup Pa Tad)
Solat Bat Resort – turn east on road no. 1074 from Hwy 1, resort is about 1k down the road on the left hand side (watch for orange sign in Thai).  We paid 600B for decent-sized bungalow with ensuite, A/C and TV.  Bikes kept in room.  Breakfast of instant coffee and donuts was included in the price.

We ended up here after stopping to eat at the food stalls near the big 7-11 just before the junction.  The manager of the 7-11 came out to talk to us and we asked for a recommendation on a place to stay – she called her friends who owned this resort.  I am not sure what else there is in town, it was hard to find much info on accommodation in the town and the couple of hotels we saw on Hwy 1  south of town looked pretty shady.  We did see another ‘resort’ about 6k north of town the next day.

There are not many food options right near the resort, best to head back into town to get food.

Kamphaeng Phet (75k from Solat Bat)
ThreeJ’s guesthouse,, 081-8874178.  Funky guesthouse in town with various types of rooms set around an inner garden/lounge area.  We paid 400B for an ensuite room with A/C.  Facilities are pretty basic but the proprietor is very nice and speaks good English.

There is a great food stall just across the street that makes great pad thai and other dishes, and down the road there is an ‘all you can eat’ BBQ place that is very popular with the locals – it is open for dinner.  They do breakfast service at the guesthouse.

Old Sukhothai (83k from Kamphaeng Phet)
Old City Guesthouse – right across from the museum in the Old City, just near the entrance gates to the Historical Park.  Many different room options, we paid 500B for spacious room with ensuite, A/C, refrigerator and TV (Thai only).  Room was clean and quiet as the guesthouse is set back from the main road.  Suggest you look at multiple rooms before picking one as they are all a bit different.

There are restaurants right near the guesthouse on the main road and hawker stalls pop up in the evening so there is no shortage of food options.

Si Satchanalai (78k from Old Sukhothai)
Mukda Resort (formerly the 59 Hotel) – on the north end of town, just down the road leading out to Uttatradit.  We paid 400B for a bungalow with ensuite, A/C, TV (Thai only) and fridge (no internet).  Basic room, relatively clean.  Bikes kept in room.  We understand that this is the only hotel in town – there is another resort apparently 4k or so south of town on Hwy 101.

There is a good restaurant just around the corner on Hwy 101 next to the gas station.  It was written up in Lonely Planet.  Food was good.

Wang Chin (70 from Si Satchanalai)
Viraporn Guesthouse – 1.5k north of town on road 1123.  We paid 600B for bungalow with A/C, ensuite, fridge and TV (Thai only).  No internet.  There are other room options at the guesthouse  but looked pretty rough.  Passable for one night.  There is a hotel in town just before bridge on road 1123.  We did not look at it but it may be a better option.

No food out near the guesthouse, must go back into town to get food or water.

Lampang (66k from Si Satchanalai)
Riverside Guesthouse, 286 Talad Kao Road, Lampang –  We paid 600B for double room with ensuite, A/C and fan.  They have various room options at different prices.  Bikes were stored downstairs.

This was a lovely guesthouse with a very nice outside seating/lounging area, including a hammock to hang out in.  Very relaxing and right near the old town area with lots of shops and restaurants.    The night market is right down the street.  The owner and several of the staff speak English so it is easy to get information about places to see and things to do.

Chiang Mai (98k from Lampang)
Le Meridien Hotel – stayed using points from previous business travel.  Tons of places to stay in Chiang Mai.

We stayed at the Riverside Guesthouse again – see entry above.

Den Chai (94k from Lampang)
Smile Hotel – on Hwy 11 heading toward Uttaradit.  Can’t miss it, green and pink building with smile formed out of windows.  We paid 350B for an ensuite double room on the ground floor with TV (Thai only).  There is supposed to be wi-fi but does not work in the room.

The hotel is pretty basic and a bit rough – the room could use a good scrub and we slept in our own sleeping sacks rather than brave the linen, which doesn’t seem too clean.

The folks at a municipality office in town gave us the name of 4 hotels in town:
-Densansak Hotel – estimated 300B rooms
-Ransan Hotel – estimated 300-400B rooms
-Tokyam Mansion – estimated  250-350B rooms
-Maeram Hotel  -estimated 500-1000B rooms

Both the Tokyam Mansion and the Maeram Hotel/Resort are on Hwy 11 heading toward Uttaradit.  They recommended the Tokyam Mansion, which is supposedly located across the hwy from a PTT station with a 7-11.  Unfortunately we did not go past it but stopped at the Smile Hotel first – would suggest trying the one they recommend.  We heard about the Maeram Hotel/Resort from someone else as well – we think we passed it about 7k out of town on Hwy 11 the next morning.

There are some roadside restaurants along this strip of Hwy 11, including a decent one right next to the Smile Hotel.

Uttaradit (52k from Den Chai)
Seeharraj Hotel, 163 Baromaad Road Uttaradit – we paid 800B for deluxe room with ensuite, A/C, refrigerator, TV (with English movie channels).  Bikes were kept locked in a stairwell near reception.

Nice clean business hotel in a good location in town.  Night markets right down the street from the hotel, 7-11 nearby.

Hwy 11 hotel – 78k from Uttaradit
We passed a resort on Hwy 11 about 78k from Uttaradit on the left hand side.  There were quite a few bungalows and the place looked relatively decent from the outside.

Hwy 12 between Phitsanoluk and Lom Sak (132k from Uttaradit)
Rain Forest Resort – located at milepost 44 from Phitsanoluk.  We paid 1250B for a bungalow with ensuite, A/C, refrigerator, TV (with some English movie channels), includes breakfast.  It is a decent resort though perhaps not enough to justify the rate but it’s location makes it a good spot to reduce the length of the hilly ride into Lom Sak.  Bikes were kept locked near reception.

There is not much in the way of food right around the resort but the restaurant at the resort is quite good and there are some roadside food stalls and restaurants within 5k or so of the resort.  The closest store (coming from the west) is a 7-11 10k back from the resort.  There is another 7-11 about 3k or so east of the resort.

There is another resort that was about 1k further on from the Rain Forest Resort (at about the 45k marker) that was called My Resort.  Simple little bungalows but it looked new and I expect would be much cheaper than the Rain Forest Resort – perhaps a better choice if you are just looking for an overnight stop.

Lom Sak (85k from Rain Forest Resort (km 44))
Sawan Hotel – hotel is located at main intersection (21/203) when you come into town from the south.  It is a lime green building on the left – can’t miss it.  We paid 450B for a double room with ensuite, A/C and TV (some English channels).  This is a pretty basic hotel and looks a bit rough from the outside but it is clean and was quite despite being on a busy street.  Bikes were kept inside the downstairs lobby area.

The hotel is right around the corner from the night market and there is a 7-11 nearby, all within walking distance.  We heard from a local that there was some kind of guesthouse (started with a W) on the way into town before you get to the Big C that may be nicer than the hotel but it is a good distance from the night market and town proper.  On the way out of town the next day we saw a big hotel on Hwy 203 not far from the center of town – not sure if this is place was still operating as a hotel as no one mentioned it.

Phu Ruea (98k from Lom Sak)
Phu Rua Roun Mai Resort ( – this place is behind the PTT/7-11 complex on Hwy 203, you can see it from the viewpoint at the back of the complex.  We paid 1000B for a bungalow with ensuite, A/C, TV, free wi-fi.  Bikes kept on porch of bungalow.  Nice little bungalows, clean and quiet though questionable whether it was worth 1000B.

They do not serve food at the resort but it is a short walk up to the markets.  There are quite a few resorts along this road – this is apparently a holiday destination area.  There is a map at the PTT/7-11 complex that lists quite a few of them.  They all seem to be at least 1000B or more.  There is a budget bungalow complex right next to the PTT/7-11 complex (looked a bit rough) and there is a less-expensive hotel somewhere in the area but we didn’t have enough info about it’s location and were too tired to search for it.

Loei (50k from Phu Ruea)
Kings Hotel, 11/8-12 Th Chumsai – take 201 into town centre, turn left on Th Nok Kaew, which turns into Th Chumsai, go straight at roundabout and hotel is on the right just past the roundabout.  We paid 600B for a double ground floor room with ensuite, A/C, fridge, free wi-fi, kettle.  The room is quite large and the bikes were kept inside.  They have some nicer rooms on the floors above (850B) but did not want us to take the bikes up so we stayed on the ground floor.

There are quite a few restaurant/food stalls around the hotel and a 7-11 around the corner.  The night market is just down the street.

Nong Bua Lamphun (103k from Loei)
Kinnaree Resort, on Nong Bua Lamphun-Udon Thani Road, the loop road that runs through town (same as Hwy 210) .  This resort is on the Udon Thani side, past several car dealerships, on the left hand side.  We paid 400B for a double room, ensuite, A/C, TV (with English channels) and free wi-fi.  The room is basic but is very clean. There is not much around the hotel but they have a restaurant that serves pretty good food.

There is another hotel less than a kilometre up the road called Nutta Poong Grand Hotel.  Looks like it is currently undergoing renovation but has a nice looking restaurant out front.  Not sure what the prices are for the rooms.

Udon Thani (49k from Nong Bua Lamphun)
Irish Clock, 19/5-6 Sampantamitr Road Makkhang Muangonthani Udon Thani,  +66 4224 7450  +66 4224 7304.  We paid 750B for a room with king-sized bed, A/C, refrigerator, kettle, TV (with English channels).  Free wi-fi in restaurant downstairs.  Bikes were locked in stairwell.

The room was very nice and the restaurant had some great food – lots of western options as well as Thai.  There was a live band the first night we stayed but the music stopped by 10:30 so it did not bother us.  The second night there was really loud music from a bar across street that went on quite late and was very annoying.

There are lots of accommodation options in town.  Just down the street was the Top Mansion where you could get a pretty decent room for around 400B and the City Lodge was just around the corner.  We checked out both – the rooms at City Lodge were a bit musty and worn, the Top Mansion rooms were pretty clean but we opted to splurge a bit – on hindsight I think the Top Mansion room would have been fine and they would allow the bikes to be brought into the room.  The area where all these are located seemed to bit of a red light district so it wasn’t as pleasant as it could otherwise have been.  The whole town seems a bit like that.

Nong Khai (56k from Udon Thani)
Mut Mee Guesthouse 1111/4 Kaeworawut Road Nong Khai  Tel: +66 (0)42 460 717  We paid 800B for a nice room in their new building with A/C, fan and ensuite.  Bikes were parked in our room.  No TV, free wi-fi in the garden area. This is a great place to hang out and they have lots of accommodation options at different prices, some as low as 200B.  We splurged a bit and got one of the new rooms but we actually used the A/C very little so could have easily done without as it was nice and cool at night and a breeze off the Mekong kept things from getting too h0t during the day.  The mozzies can be fierce at night so be sure to have some mosquito repellent

They have a restaurant that serves great food at pretty good prices.  Water is available at just 5 B to fill up your bottle and there is coffee, tea and hot water available all day on a self-service basis.  There is a large garden seating area with lots of different places to hang out – very comfortable and an easy way to meet other travellers.  Warning – it is very hard to pull yourself away from here .  They do not kick you out once you check in so you have to use some willpower to actually leave.

Round 2 – Cambodian border to Bangkok

Sa Kaeo (104k from Si Sophon Cambodia)
River Hotel and Resort, on western edge of town. It is on the right hand side as you come into town (before you reach the BigC store). There is a turn-around just beyond the hotel to get you across the divided road. We paid 700Baht for a room with ensuite, A/C, refrigerator, TV (with English channels) and wi-fi, breakfast included. The room was on the ground floor and we could just roll our bikes into the room. The room was very nice, well worth the money, and the breakfast was actually one of the best we had in Thailand.

We ate dinner at the hotel restaurant as well – decent food. Some additional food options at the Big C shopping area just down the street. We looked a bit on the internet to see if there were other places to stay in this town but couldn’t really locate much. There are also various spa options at the hotel – we did not partake.

Chachoeng Sao (135k from Sa Kaeo)
Pha Mansion – no idea where this really was other than it was north of the city centre and west of the river, about 6k from the train station. We paid 500 Baht for a room with ensuite, A/C and wi-fi. We rolled our bikes into the room. Not a great room nor a very comfortable bed but by the time we got there we were tired of searching and were ready to give up.

We tried to find the River Inn Hotel that was supposedly right in the city centre but had no luck finding anyone who could help us find it. We eventually found a motorcycle taxi to take us to a hotel – this was the second one we stopped at. We think there was another hotel in the city centre, close to the big wat. If we had to do again we would have stopped for a break in town and tried again to find a more central hotel.

Bangkok (by train)

All Seasons Hotel Bangkok Victory Monument, 89 Paholyothin Soi 3, Phahonyothin Road, Phyathai. We paid $50 (via on-line booking) for an executive room with ensuite, A/C, refrigerator, wi-fi, and breakfast. Bikes were kept locked in basement. This was a nice hotel, a bit of a treat to end our SE Asia leg.

There were not a lot of restaurants near the hotel but there was a BTS station (Sanam Pao) about 3 minutes walk from the hotel so you can easily get to all of the sights and shopping areas.  A great bike shop, BikeZone, is in the Amarin Plaza, at the Chit Lom stop.

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