We only planned a few days is Greece, sprinting from Patras to Athens.  What little time we had, we certainly enjoyed.  While Greece is going through some tough times, its people are very warm and welcoming.  It is still very much a place worth visiting.

Details of our Greece accommodation

16 March 2012 – Day 344 – Ferrly easy ride – Ancona to Patras
17 March 2012 – Day 345 – Landing in Greece by ferry to Patras
18 March 2012 – Day 346 – Along the coast road Patras to Akarta
19 March 2012 – Day 347 – Continuing along the coast to Korinthos
20 March 2012 – Day 348 – Two sea, two ferries and Athens traffic from Korinthos to Athens
21 March 2012 – Day 349 – Athens and the Acropolis
22 Mar 2012 – Day 350  – Last post from Schengen


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