Ferrly easy ride – Ancona to Patras

(written by Dave)

I’m posting this from the ferry – they have pretty good and cheap internet.  Technology, isn’t it great!

I’m happy to report that while we’ve not reached Patras yet, Nancy is doing great.  Equipped with saltines, wrist bands, ginger tea and Dramamine, when conscious, she’s had a big smile on her face.  I think it’s the Dramamine as I took one as well and was pretty loopy, until I passed out.  The ride has actually been very smooth, virtually no waves and barely a whitecap in sight.

We have a window in our cabin.  When we first started to sail, both of us could not look at the water “rushing” past, only the distant horizon.  Now, following a night of Dramamine, we have no issues at all.  The ferry is about 1.5 hours behind schedule, there were winds from the south slowing us, I guess.  This morning we made a stop in Igoumenitsa and are now headed towards Patras.  Lots of islands off both sides of the ship going in to Igoumenitsa – at least our crew didn’t sail too close to any of them – that we could tell.

Life on the ferry is pretty interesting.  There is a group of clearly experienced truck drivers who know exactly where to sit/sleep/smoke.  They boarded early and grabbed all their favorite spots.  Most of them did not seem to purchase cabins or even the airline deck chairs as this morning they were all in sleeping bags in the stairwells.  Many have either showered and shaved, or just redoubled the cologne this morning.  Nothing subtle about a Greek trucker’s aftershave – especially they sit down behind you at breakfast.

There is at least one group of school kids on tour as well.  They are also somewhat predictable.  It doesn’t matter what language they speak, school kids everywhere seem to interact the same way, moving in small swarms, boys looking at girls, girls ignoring boys and lots of chattering.

And of course, even though is pretty cool on the upper deck, there is a group of folks with shirts off laying around the pool.  I’m not sure if they spent the night in this state but they were there again this morning when I went out for sunrise photos.

We’ve had a couple meals onboard (did I mention that Nancy is doing very well – yes she is eating ferry food).  The food has been ok.  Somewhat more expensive but they have you captured.  We sat in the bar yesterday and started eating our last Italian jamon sandwiches (purchases in Ancona) only to be told that we were more than welcome to eat them, elsewhere.  So, up to level 10 with the truck drivers we went.  There were no signs so how were we supposed to know?  There are many no smoking signs however – crew and passengers alike seem to ignore them.  We are not allowed on the bridge but noticed a crew member smoking as we looked in the window.

Photos from life onboard below…

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6 responses to “Ferrly easy ride – Ancona to Patras

  1. Smooth sailing, just as we all hoped! Enjoy! Looking forward to Greece entries.

  2. glad to hear.

  3. Great to hear that the ferry ride is going well. Looks like some good weather judging by the photos. How many people on board, and how fast does it travel (don’t answer “superfast”)? Are there any other touring bicycle riders making the crossing?

    • Sorry Dale, superfast is all that I can say! When I tried to walk through the open door bridge, with no signs saying crew only, I was quickly escorted out! Smoking they allow, curious George on the bridge, no way…

      No other touring cyclists – too early in the year I think.


  4. Happy to hear about the good ferry ride! Patti says it’s the bracelets! They work for her, too. Enjoy the Greek sunshine, warmth, & food!

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