Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is our 19th country and first trip back inside the Iron Curtain.  Not that you’d know as the border was nothing more than a road going past a bunch of abandoned buildings.  We don’t know much about CZ other than the beer that they export to the world.  We plan to spend about a week here hitting among other things Budweis and Prague.  No doubt we’ll learn that there is a lot more than beer to this central European state.

12 July 2012 – Day 462 – Over the hills and through the woods to Budweis
13 July 2012 – Day 463 – ER does not mean Beer – relaxing in Budweis
14 July 2012 – Day 464 – Man down in Budweis
15 July 2012 – Day 465 – Back on the road to Senlcany
16 July 2012 – Day 466 – Dodging the rain to Prague
17 July 2012 – Day 467 – Untouristy day in Prague to celebrate 20th anniversary
18 July 2012 – Day 468 – Tourist day in Prague
19 July 2012 – Day 469 – Blustery day on the bikepath to Usti nad Labem

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