Tourist day in Prague

(written by Dave)

If yesterday was un-touristic, today was full on, 100% touristic.  Before we get there however, I must report that we were only able to finish ½ our wine bottle at dinner last night.  We are probably more fit than we’ve been in years but if riding all day does anything, it tires you out.  Being knackered at the end of the day means you really don’t need a glass of wine to relax.  In fact falling asleep early is par for the course.  The only notable exception being during the tent positioning period, then perhaps Nancy could use a glass of wine – but otherwise, it is not required [senior editor’s note – hahaha, very funny, in fact maybe a glass of wine would help Dave to relax and learn to take instruction betterSee how well we get along after 20 years….]

We hit the major sites in Prague today – the Prague Castle, St Vitus Church, Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock, plus lots more.  The churches are all impressive, with ornate interiors and beautiful stained glass windows.  Neither of us can remember how many churches we went in, there seemed to be one around every corner.  The Astronomical Clock is quite a wonder too, particularly given that it was first installed in the 1400s and is the oldest one still working (more information on the clock can be found here  I am sure we missed a whole lot as well – this is one of those cities that it would be easy to spend lots of time in, wandering around and looking at the old buildings, trying out the cafes and just kind of absorbing the vibe.  I think Prague will go onto our “we will have to come back and visit” list.  I think I read on the net that it is the sixth most visited city in Europe and now we know why.

Tomorrow we head off for our last stop in the Czech Republic, somewhere near the town of Usti nad Labem, on the way to Germany.  It’s a bit of a long trek and we are not sure of the terrain so we may end up somewhere short of there.  Hopefully we will have some clear skies.  We may be looking for a nice hotel as well.  When we hit the first Czech ATM we had no idea how much we needed and we withdrew too many Czech rupees, dinar, kroner, koruna, (whatever they are called – it’s hard to keep track after awhile).   We can probably change them at the border as well, or just save them for our return trip someday down the road [senior editor’s note – I vote for the nice hotel option].

I’ll stop there as Nancy is getting ahead of me on the wine and we can’t have her think up new tent rules in an inebriated state.  Enjoy the photos and know that Prague is a great city surely worthy of appearing on anyone’s bucket list, if you haven’t already been here.

Thanks to everyone for the best wishes on our anniversary – we’re raising a glass of Penfolds to the next 20 years as we post this blog!

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2 thoughts on “Tourist day in Prague

  1. Enjoy your whine and Happy Anniversary. We are off with our bikes from the Changi ferry to Belungkor and on to Desaru for the weekend. It’s about where we first met up just about this time last year.

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