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A blustery day on the bike – Prague to Usti nad Labem (103/18,668ks, 711m)

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(written by Nancy) The theme of the day turned out to be wind, and not the nice kind of wind we like (tailwind) but crosswinds and headwinds, which seemed to blast us for most of the day.  It turned out … Continue reading


Tourist day in Prague

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(written by Dave) If yesterday was un-touristic, today was full on, 100% touristic.  Before we get there however, I must report that we were only able to finish ½ our wine bottle at dinner last night.  We are probably more … Continue reading


Un-tourist day in Prague to celebrate 20th anniversary

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(written by Dave) Well, we made it.  Twenty years ago today we got married.  If you would have told us twenty years ago that we would spend our twentieth anniversary in Prague on a multi-year bicycle trip, we would have … Continue reading


Dodging the rain from Sedlčany to Prague (65/18,565ks, 720m)

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(written by Dave) It was a quiet night in our hotel/pub, and equally quiet this morning.  Guess not much happens in Sedlcany on a Sunday night.  I thought that we might have been the only guests but when we got … Continue reading


Back on board – České Budéjovice to Sedlčany (94/18,500ks, 820m)

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(written by Nancy) After a good rest yesterday, some yogurt and 7-Up fetched by my private nurse Dave and more sleep last night I felt much better this morning.  Not 100%, ready-for-a-big-breakfast kind of better but at least able to … Continue reading


Man down in Budweis (150m ride/walk)

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(written by Dave) Well, technically not man down but rather woman down.  Nancy tried to eat as much pizza as I did for dinner last night and paid the price for her efforts later in the evening.  That meant limited … Continue reading


Does “er” mean beer in Czech?

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(written by Dave) Greetings from a relaxed day in Budweis.  It was a rainy, drizzly morning so we picked a good one not to ride.  As this is our first stop in the Czech Republic, we had a few chores … Continue reading


Over the hill and through the woods – Linz Austria to České Budějovice, Czech Republic (115/18,406ks, 1461m)

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(written by Nancy) This will be a short post because it is already after 10pm and we are both completely knackered after today’s ride.  The day turned out to be a lot longer than we expected, both in terms of … Continue reading