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Re-entry update

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(written by Dave, with help from his ghostwriter Nancy) As promised some time ago, here is our re-entry blog update. But, where to start? Let’s start with wooden spoons and spatulas. Why, you ask? Well simply because we have so … Continue reading


2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for  Thanks to all of you who followed our trip and read our posts – it was fun to take the trip with you! Here’s an excerpt: 4,329 films … Continue reading


Summary thoughts and other random notes

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(written by Dave but with many additions and edits by Nancy) It is hard to know where to start when trying to summarize a 19 month, 26 country, 22,000k bicycle trip.  For us, the trip feels more like four distinct … Continue reading


Nancy and her Bike Gallery jersey

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(written by Dave) It is always nice to support your LBS (Local Bicycle Shop).  When we lived in Portland the Bike Gallery was our LBS – lots of great bikes, gear and staff that are real bicycle enthusiasts, just what … Continue reading


LWOP animals

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(written by Dave) Following up on the LWOP food and people videos, we’ve made a LWOP animal video.  The video and photos below are made up entirely of animals that we snapped along the road during our trip.  First a … Continue reading


PDX LWOP gathering / invite

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(written by Dave) Mark the day, Friday, November 2nd, from 6PM onwards. One of our regular readers (Kirti) has graciously offered to host a Thai themed dinner at her house for all regular PDX LWOP readers.  For some unknown reason, … Continue reading


The end – for now

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(written by Dave) That’s it, we’re done!  Well, maybe not completely done as we still haven’t made it back to Sydney and tested the waters on the job markets.  But I think we can safely say at this point that … Continue reading


Everyday people we met along the way

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(written by Dave) In over 550 days of travel, I’ve taken lots of photographs (some days more than necessary if you ask my editor).  I’m not really sure of the exact total trip photo count.  My camera doesn’t seem to … Continue reading


Annual LWOP bad driver awards

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(written by Dave) Quiet day in Zadar, planning, eating, resting and hanging out.  With little else to report, we thought it would be a good day for some awards.  We’ve been on the road for 440 days, or thereabouts.  In … Continue reading


Chores in Croatia – plus touring changes through the years

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(written by Dave) Nancy has convinced me that we should stay one more day here in Dubrovnik.  We have lots of chores to catch up on and this way we can sit and stare at the washing machine if we … Continue reading