PDX LWOP gathering / invite

(written by Dave)

Mark the day, Friday, November 2nd, from 6PM onwards.

One of our regular readers (Kirti) has graciously offered to host a Thai themed dinner at her house for all regular PDX LWOP readers.  For some unknown reason, she has also offered to have a projector on hand so that we might show a few pictures.  I figure at 2 seconds per photo, we can get through our 17,000 pictures in a little under 10 hours, if there are no questions.  With luck, we should be wrapping things up before the following morning.  Kirti has not made any mention of a brekkie menu.

The offer of dinner and a few photos is genuine.  We promise to not make anyone sit through 10 hours of campsite photos.  And before you get overly concerned, Nancy has already forbidden any use of powerpoint.  If you are interested, drop us an email or connect us via the “Contact Us” button on the upper right of our blog.  Just in case this post gets picked up by the newswires, National Geographic or the like, we’ll share Kirti’s details privately.

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