Nancy and her Bike Gallery jersey

(written by Dave)

It is always nice to support your LBS (Local Bicycle Shop).  When we lived in Portland the Bike Gallery was our LBS – lots of great bikes, gear and staff that are real bicycle enthusiasts, just what you need in your LBS.  Now that we live in Sydney, the Bike Gallery in Portland is not very local for us but is always a mandatory stop when we return to Oregon for a visit.

A few years ago Nancy bought a hot weather jersey from the Bike Gallery.  She never really planned that it would become an LWOP theme but when you only have limited space in your bags, you end up wearing the same thing over and over.  For most of the trip, the Bike Gallery jersey was Nancy’s only sleeveless jersey option.  We had some nice warm, short sleeve weather in Northern Australia, throughout all of SE Asia, in the Balkans and in parts of central Europe.  That means lots photos of Nancy showing off the Bike Gallery logo.  Despite all of the wear and tear the jersey lasted the whole way and is still going strong.  We also had some Bike Gallery water bottles that lasted the whole trip – well, actually I left one of mine sitting on a service station bench somewhere in Turkey but Nancy’s bottles lasted the whole 23,000+ kilometers and were a nice reminder of home.

For a look at Nancy, her Bike Gallery jersey and most important for those folks entering the North American winter, what it looks like to ride in nice warm weather, click on the link here for a quick video.  All the photos are included below in a slideshow as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

6 thoughts on “Nancy and her Bike Gallery jersey

  1. Good Video, it’s hard to believe the jersey held up so well over so many lengthy cycling days. Does BG want a distributor in Singapore?

  2. You forgot to mention that she is wearing the same jersey in your photo banner at the top of this page … sneaky. Thankfully, you spared us pictures of Dave wearing the same jersey over and over and over and over …

  3. Nancy really cool to see you realized Leave without pay I remember talking about it at your farewell party In Amsterdam. Well done ! Safe travels

  4. Nancy, Dave,

    Sorry to miss your slideshow. We were on the coast celebrating Robin’s birthday. Are you guys still around PDX?

    I really enjoyed following your posts during the LWOP journey. It provided a nice escape from the everyday world.

    Be well,

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