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Green light to start tour!

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Written by Dave  We are in back in Sydney after a good long visit with family and friends in the US.  Nancy saw her doctor yesterday and …. drum roll please… we are cleared to start the ride!  The x-ray … Continue reading


First test successful!

Woo hooo – a 11 mile (18k) bike ride on the road today! We are back at the beach cabin and after days of rain and cold we woke this morning to sunny blue skies so we took advantage of … Continue reading


Fun with 4th and 5th graders

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(Update by Dave) We are back in Oregon now but I wanted to give a quick update on a fun visit we had in Nevada. After a lively discussion at a family dinner, we agreed to stop by my sister … Continue reading


Tahoe Fracture says 2 thumbs up!

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Written by Dave We are in Carson City, Nevada to visit my family and some old friends (and more snow – 2-3 feet!).  This week Nancy got some good news, two thumbs up on recovery progress from Tahoe Fracture and … Continue reading


The quiet in the forest

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We made the big trip across the Pacific last week from Sydney to Portland Oregon and went from 29C to 29F – a bit of a shock to the system! I think we have become weather wimps – I have … Continue reading


Expect the unexpected….from jumping off to falling off

We have been working hard to get everything in order to start the grand adventure. Selecting items for the hike pile and the bike pile (including numerous discussions about how many pieces of clothing are allowed), packing up those piles, … Continue reading


Jumping Off!

Welcome to our mid-life adventure blog!  After working for 20 years in relatively intense jobs (IT and law) we have decided it’s time to quit talking about things we dream of doing ‘someday’ and start doing them now.  So, we are … Continue reading