Jumping Off!

Welcome to our mid-life adventure blog! 

After working for 20 years in relatively intense jobs (IT and law) we have decided it’s time to quit talking about things we dream of doing ‘someday’ and start doing them now.  So, we are taking a break from the rat race and intend to head out on an open-ended bicycle tour.  The plan is to ride around Australia (in celebration of recently becoming Australian citizens), then head up into Asia and across to Europe.  Other than Australia the route is still undefined, as part of the goal is to have an unstructured life for a change.  Plus, we need to save something think about while we ride through the endless outback!

Cycling has been part of our life for many years – Dave started riding in 1987 as therapy after blowing out his knee pretending to be Kareem Abdul Jabbar; I (Nancy) started riding soon thereafter.  We spent many happy hours riding our Lippy tandem (including our honeymoon across the US) but have also done multiple loaded bike tours on our single touring bikes (we’ve posted some of our journals under the ‘Previous Trips’ link).   A long term bicycle tour, with no scheduled end date, has been a goal for several years.  No more talking about it – it’s time to do it.

We will be carrying our lives on the bikes – tent, stove, food, clothing and whatever else we can fit.  We expect to live simple lives that will allow us to continue for 2-3 years, but we have no set period – we will just see how we go.

As bushwalking is also one of our favorite activities we are kicking off this change of pace by hiking the Bibbulmun Track end to end.  The track runs from Perth to Albany in Western Australia, and is just under 1000k.  We will be carrying our gear, and expect it to take approximately 7 weeks.  It will be a great way to transition into this new approach to life.  We will try to post some while we are on the hike but expect it will be limited.  See the separate Bibbulmun link above.

So, off we jump – as they say up north, you never never know if you never never go.

11 responses to “Jumping Off!

  1. Guys

    All the very best for your adventures and I have to say well done (I am amazed just at the thought of a riding trip around Australia).

    It has been a pleasure working with you Nancy and you will be missed around here.

    Take care and be safe


  2. WOW! I’m very happy and proud of your adventuresome project! It will be fun to see where you will stop long enough for me to meet up with you in 2011! I have enjoyed every place we have visited together, even those places where I needed a push up and over the rocks!

    Enjoy your month of relaxing and planning! We look forward to your visit here in February and following your Blog as you break in those Treking Poles!

    Love to you both! Nancy’s Mum

  3. Hi Nancy,

    Wow, what an impressive blog!! Amazing what you get when you mix a corporate lawyer with an IT guy!!

    I’m sure we’ll catch up soon and really hope to see you both at the Port Macquarie Iron Man event in May 2011! 🙂

    Take care!!

  4. Happy Day! Good luck, good health, and don’t lose the sunscreen – much love, Linda

  5. Hey a real live walkabout but on bikes! Have a fabulous trip..look forward to reading and/or hearing your tales when our paths cross once again..Feb maybe? Hope there will be more interesting photos of unusual animals.

    Good luck and Happy trails!
    Cheers Mate(s)

    Janie and Joe

  6. Nancy and Dave,
    Happy Chirstmas!! I will be in touch about a BBQ at Bilpin before you head off. I hope you are enjoying your leave without pay!!
    Martha xx

  7. Wow, I’m excited for both of you. I’ll be watching your progress like a hawk, so make sure you keep it up to date. Once again, wow! Bill

  8. Nice work you guys. You have probably been able to capture the hopes, dreams and desires of all of us – at least that wander lust part. As one of the many “cube farm wage slaves”, I salute you and your current endeavor. Having ridden with N&D for a few miles, and without shame drafted behind them every chance I could get,as they towed me around hither and yon, I am sure they will make a huge success of this venture as well.
    Best wishes from us, and we do hope to join up with you somewhere along your riding route through spain or italy for a few of your rest days or weeks. This walking stuff, you are on your own. Too many crocodiles, snakes, and big spiders for me. Hope the flood waters go down a bit before you head out.

  9. Way to go. Good luck and may you have wonderful time & hopefully get the answer to the “meaning of life”.

  10. Enjoy yourselves!


  11. This is too cool, I will be living through your experiences for the next couple of years and hoping that I will be able to make an extended trip when I retire.

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