First Ride Post crash – on the mend

(June 21, 2022 – written by Dave)

A quick post just to say woohoo!

Yesterday I had my 6 week check-up with my orthopaedic surgeon. He could hardly find the fracture in the x-ray. Ok, sure, he could find it, he’s an expert. But it was so hard to see that I couldn’t spot it until he highlighted it for me. So all the extra milk, calcium supplements and protein shakes must have done their magic. My collar bone has knitted back together rather nicely, if I do say so myself.

The doc gave me the all clear to ride outside. As luck would have it, the all-clear came just as the weather turned for the good here in Oregon (after one of the wettest springs in recorded history). So today we headed out for a short spin – yes, in my Kitsbow wool jersey. I’ve been on the trainer in the kitchen but outside is clearly different. I was a little nervous but it went well. No pain or CB issues. Even the bumpy goat track Tideland Road was fine – we’re good to go for another adventure.

Thanks to everyone for the supportive messages during my recovery.

Next updates will be from Cycle Oregon later in the summer – we’ve gotten accepted on the Nossa Familia Coffee truck again. Updates to follow on that trip, once my legs and espresso shot pulling muscles are back in shape.

18 thoughts on “First Ride Post crash – on the mend

  1. Where in Oregon are you guys? This is Julie from Dot Lake School in Alaska. We are in Geribaldi heading south tomorrow. We would love to see you guys if you are around these parts.


  2. Dear Dave,
    or should I say, oh dear? We actually missed the whole surgery part but are happy to see you recovered well. In Germany we have a saying:”What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” Maybe your new skill is to talk even faster now so you have more time to check for turns 😉
    We still hope to meet you guys in Japan for a few weeks of cycling. Meanwhile feel free to visit us in Switzerland, which is our new home since now. Emigration to Australia seemed a bit too far in the end and swiss mountains are almost as enjoyable as the Andes.
    Best wishes for further recovery and big hug to Nancy who probably had to do all the meals in the last weeks.

  3. So pleased to hear that you’re fully recovered and ready to hit the road again. Actually let me reword that…. Hopefully you don’t actually hit the road again!
    Safe travels

  4. Great to hear Dave. Btw we sold our house in concord. Bought in breakfast point and up the coast , port stephens….. we are renting in concord west right now. The boys are riding to hunter valley this year. I remain a couch potato. Much love to you and Nancy.

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