Scenes from PBV – getting in the groove…

(October 21 – written by Dave)

We’ve have a relaxing day at Playa Buenaventura – or as PBV as the locals call it.

Seb and Frederik spent the night, leaving early this morning.

Martin and Nina stopped for lunch on their way through.

The sun went down.  The sun came up.

Sunset on the mountains

Sunset on mountains last night

We swam in some flat water.  The wind came up.  Some waves came in.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  The rythm of PBV is slow and relaxed.  We are tranquilo, chilled and well hydrated.  Some photos of PBV are all about I can add from this point onward.  Enjoy.  Muy Buen!

Swimmer Nancy 2

Nancy swimming

Swimmer Dave

Dave swimming

PVB showers and toilet block

PBV shower/toilet block


Hard to argue

PVB dog 1

PBV dog one, dog two photo MIA


Ok – no worries

PVB bird 2

PBV bird one

PVB outside bar

PBV outside bar – hard to take

PVB Bird 1

PBV bird two


Got it…

Nancy sunning

Nancy sunning at our room

Fish caught by Nathan's Dad

Caught by Nathan’s Dad


PBV – chill out

Our room view

View from our room


PBV public transportation – schedule varries

Tomorrow we ride to Loreto – but that’s tomorrow – not something to worry about today.  Getting a Baja vibe.

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