Siesta in San Diego – La Jolla scenes

(September 30 – written by Dave)

We played tourists today, hitting the La Jolla area with our hosts Susie and Joyce.  We had an early start after great pancakes for brekkie made by Joyce.  Susie scored a great parking spot near La Jolla Cove – one only a local would know.  We were early enough to miss the crowds and had a nice stroll around the cove and beach area.

There were heaps of sea lions (or seals, I’m not sure), a good number of kayaks, scuba divers, snorklers and some swimmers.  It was chaos on the water and only got worse as the day moved on.  There was a virtual armada of kayaks moving across the bay from up north – all in identical matching flotation vest, helmet and kayak – with a leader who was often too cool for the flotation vest and helmet.

We escaped the crowds for an early lunch at OB’s Noodle House.  This place was reviewed on a TV show called, Diners, Dives and Drive-ins.  We’d never heard of the show but the food was great.  It wasn’t too busy when we arrived but there was a queue when we left.  TV shows tend to do that to hole-in-the-wall places.  The food was Vietnamese and really good.  I’m pretty sure we won’t see much Vietnamese once we cross the border.

A couple of readers have mentioned that La Jolla Cove was worth seeing so I’ll post a few photo here of what we saw.  It was nice.  And it was nice to have great “local guides”.

Tomorrow we are heading east to Jamul – for a stay with more friends.  These friends have travelled a lot in Baja so we are making lists of questions.  Thanks to Joyce and Susie for entertaining us last night and today – we’ve really had a nice time in San Diego – to think, we weren’t even planning on coming here…


Steep hill for parking

La Jolla Cove 1

Scenic view

La Jolla Cove 2

Surfer dudes and dudette

La Jolla Cove boats 2


La Jolla Cove boats 4

Kayak traffic jam

La Jolla Cove seals 5

Taking it easy

La Jolla Cove view

Enjoying the beach

La Jolla Lifeguard box

Lifeguard box

La Jolla child's beach

Children’s pool

OB Noodles

OB Noodle House Art

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