Five-0 Nancy

(Written by Dave)

We’ve had a very quiet Birthday.  No cake, no fancy dinner and not much singing (other than the French class singing in French this morning).  We have a night out planned tomorrow and Nancy (and her Mom) decided to lay low today…

But a post is still required on one’s FIFTIETH BIRTHDAY! I’ve only known Nancy for 27 years and digital cameras have only existed the last 15 or so years of that time.  I am therefore limited in how many embarrassing photos that I can post of her.  Anyway… I hope you enjoy the following slideshow – it was fun putting together – the earliest photo here is from 1992 – no prizes for guessing which one.

PS: We’ve never attached this many photos to one post, we’ll see how it goes.  In my practice run a few of the photos did not post, so…  If you have issues, try reloading the page.

PSS: There is theme music for this post, right click on the link below (to open in a new window) to start the 5-0 music then come back to this window to watch the photos/years roll by…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

14 thoughts on “Five-0 Nancy

  1. Great shots, I vote for the Jackson Hole picture. I just realized that Nancy is always smiling, especially when you are telling your goofy jokes!

  2. Well Nancy, you made it too the big 50, well done and can I suggest a fine bottle of Champaign to celebrate , Try Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin the Cuvee Saint-Petersberg, maybe over yor 10E but you only turn 50 once, well us blokes ayway, girls tend to stay there foreever, all the best guys and welcome to the club!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Great to see you in all the different settings. The picture in Kansas looks an awful lot like Henry!
    My favorite is the one with the little Joey…he beats a barbie doll any day!

  4. Happy birthday Nancy!! Hope you have a fantastic day, filled with too much great food and french wine. Loved the 15 years of Nancy slideshow – loved the princess pillow!

  5. Great pictures Dave…nicely done. Nanc, congrats on the milestone. Perhaps you can steal a birthday kiss from Andy Hampston….he’s still riding in the Alps.

    all the best,


  6. Great slide show. Happy birthday Nancy. If it was a brewery that handed out the citizenship certificate are you sure it is really legal? Maybe something they hand out to all the customers.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Nancy…you really haven’t changed a bit..hope your adventures into the next half century are as fulfilling as the first!

  8. Happy 50th Nancy. I think you are ageless and haven’t changed a bit!

    Nice slide show Dave. It nicely showed the variety of adventures you guys have experienced.

  9. This is great – took me a bit to get the music on at same time – so how many bikes have you gone through??? I know of 4, but there must be many more…….happy is what comes through!

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