Exploring Georgetown

(written by Nancy)

Just a quick post today with some pictures of our activities.  We had breakfast at the hotel as it is included in the room rate.  Lovely breakfast, order what you want from the menu plus espresso, croissants, toast, cakes, muffins, etc.  Gosh, what a way to live.  Gretchen and Steve were brave enough to try the local breakfast of Nasi lemak (rice, chicken, peanuts and dried mini anchovies and spicy red sauce) and it was a delicious version of it as well.  We left stuffed (well, at least I did, but perhaps I made a few more trips to the pastries bar than the others…).

After breakfast we headed out on a walking tour of Georgetown.  Some pictures of the sites are below – lots of interesting temples and historical sites, with some stops for food and drink along the way to try to cool down.  We made it back to the hotel about 6pm and relaxed for a bit (in the big lounge area!!) and then just as we were thinking of heading out for dinner a big thunder and lighting storm started.    So, instead of going out Dave ran across to the Indian restaurant across the street and brought back some curries, rice and roti, which we ate on the little patio out back (wow, a place to sit and eat in our hotel room!!).  It is now absolutely pouring out – quite exciting to watch from our comfortable spot inside.  Not a bad way to live.

More sightseeing on the cards for tomorrow, there is a lot to see and do in this town.

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