A slight hotel upgrade in Georgetown

(written by Dave)

We are in big trouble…  In ten days time we have to leave Georgetown.  That’s not the problem however.  The problem is that in ten days time we will have to leave the hotel we are now sharing with Gretchen and Steve.  As Gretchen is a working stiff, she only gets a few weeks holiday per year.  And during her holidays, she expects just a few more amenities.  She was kind enough to book a hotel for all of us.  It’s not really a hotel, rather an old converted colonial row house in old-town.  The entire house, both floors!

Some of the things that this “hotel” has that we’ve not seen yet in our current “Adventure” travel mode:

-Hot and cold water in bathroom sink – we’ve not seen this since Australia, maybe once
-Showers with separate shower unit – no showering while using the toilet here
-Mattress pad and clean sheets – we only wish this were our standard fare
-Nice white changing robes and slippers – I’m not sure how to use these
-Dishes, yes plates, cups, glasses and proper cutlery – we have to carry our own plastic camping gear
-Spa tub with 27 jets – are you kidding, a tub?  27 jets?  Crazy.
-Capsule espresso machine – we normally consider instant coffee fortunate and 3 in 1 instant coffee a big upgrade
-A doorbell, no really, we have a ding-dong bell here – we are used to fist on door technique
-A refrigerator stocked with complementary drinks – we normally feel lucky to have just the fridge and pay for all our own drinks
-10 chairs and a couch to sit on – we normally sit on the bed or stand, unless showering (see note above)
-Chinese antiques throughout – for us, we’ve seen none of these, unless you count dirty ancient bathroom tiles
-Two patios and 5 ceiling fans – our rooms never have patios and rarely fans – let alone 5 of them

And finally “Turn down service” – I’m not even sure what this is but a nice hotel man in fancy dress just rang our doorbell and offered a turn down.  I politely declined – not really being sure what he was offering.  Seeing any staff at all in our typical hotels is pretty unusual.  “No star” hotels typically have someone at the front desk and that’s it.  To have someone come to our door and offer something, anything, that was just odd.

Ok, ok, you get the idea.  When we arrived here today, Nancy was grinning like a kid in a candy shop.  Going back to no-stars and “efficient” shower / toilet combos is going to be a real challenge.

Oh yeah, Gretchen and Steve arrived safely from Portland, Oregon – in the USA.  They had 3 flights and over 32 hours of travelling to get here.  It only seems fair that after that, you should have a nice place to stay.  And we are happy to tag along – after all, isn’t that what little sisters do?

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10 thoughts on “A slight hotel upgrade in Georgetown

  1. Best find out what “turn down service” means; might be something you can’t live without! AHHH, something with more than 2 stars..good for you! Enjoy!

  2. We need some interior shots of this fancy hotel – and add some contrasting interior photos of your typical lodging. What are the drinks on the table at the night market? They look good. Looks like another great meal. And the dessert from the the other night, Cendol – was that entire plate the dessert or just one item on the plate – which appeared to be a mix of beans and rice?/potatoes? on one side and something green on the other.

  3. a ding dong suplied by ling ling no doubt! The Dong family tried to name it chime dong but somehow that didn’t just ring true

  4. Hey Folks, glad you got a room in Taiping. Sounds like you had a great time with warm showers David too.
    We are in Malaka, stopped in Klang a few days and visited KL. Hopefully it is unique!
    We received a nice invitation from your pals Elaine and Ken in Singapore, hopefully we can meet up.
    It was fun meeting you on that busy old road. I agree, shame we were going opposite directions.
    May your lucky wind remain on your backs!
    Tom and Anja

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