Laying low in Port Dickson

(written by Dave)

Very low key day at Port Dickson – mostly focused on eating – not all that bad. This will be a quick post…

We slept in but were up in time for the complementary breakfast buffet. While not spectacular, it was pretty good and better than most we’ve seen in Malaysia. They had English newspapers so by the time we made it back to the room it was almost time for lunch. Not wanting to eat at the resort every meal, we headed to the small village just outside the resort. It was only 2ks but we rode our bikes when the hotel manager suggested it was a long walk. We ended up eating at Chinese food stall – one of those that from the outside would certainly have given us second thoughts when we first arrived in Malaysia. The food was spectacular – again proving that you can’t judge these places by how they look.

From the hotel we can see the ocean and a number of large offshore oil rigs. Now we know why in Malaysia that petrol costs .58 cents (AUD) per litre (or about 2.10 USD per gallon – if I did the math correctly). Why gas costs so much more in Australia than in the USA, I’m not really sure. Guess we better stick with being car free. I will admit that even here, it is nice to pull into a petrol station and only buy water and use the toilets.

We made it back to the hotel under very dark skies. It really looked like we were in for a major thunder storm. We did some route research in the room and watch the storm blow over. It never really rained but the wind really whipped up the water, even inside the yacht club sea wall.

For dinner we hit the Ramadhan Buffet at the hotel. With August being Ramadhan, Muslims fast from sun-up to sun-down. That means those staying at the resort are probably ready for a buffet at the end of a day. It is kind of ironic for a resort to have this sort of buffet as most Muslims stay home during Ramadhan as well, it is not a time of travel or much other in the way of excess. Not to worry us, a good buffet, especially with great Malay food is always welcome, whatever the reason.

With all the eating today, tomorrow we need to ride. We are thinking of about 60ks to a homestay at a mushroom farm. Their website looks nice and they have a room reserved for us. We’ll have to look it over in person, then decide. We are short of other options without a much longer ride so I hope it works out. We’ll see…

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