Rest day in 1770

(written by Dave)

Great rest day in 1770. The caravan park was very quiet – except all the birds, lots of bush turkeys but also a new type we had not seen before. We spent the morning doing chores – laundry, cleaning the bikes and adjusting Nancy’s cleat one more time (for her Achilles). We had another massive brekkie and wrapped chores up just in time to eat lunch – phew, lots of calories required on these rest days.

New Bird


Morning trees and sky - note BLUE

Eventually we made our way out and to the end of the peninsula. The town of 1770 is trying to become the next Noosa or Byron Bay but it has a ways to go. Probably like those places 20-30 years ago, though this place does not have a city of over 1 million within anything close to driving distance. I hope it stays small as that is part of the charm.

Free ad for BG - Michael, you reading?

We stopped for photos at the Captain Cook monument and then rode to the very end of the spit. More photos and even spotted another sea turtle diving (these things just don’t take good pictures). It was hot and there were some hills but empty bikes made it go fast.

We came back to camp, lounged a bit, then walked back to “The Tree” – the one bar in 1770. The open air bar overlooking the sunset was spectacular. They even had James Squire beer which of course we could not pass up. After watching the sunset and drinking our beer we had to walk the 2 kilometers back to camp. Well, obviously since the sun had set it was now dark and there are no lights on the road. We neglected to bring our headtorches or any flashlights – not such a bright idea! We walked as quickly as we could and made it back to camp. We celebrated with dinner in the restaurant here – passable fish and chips.

1770 sailboat


1770 boatshed


1770 boats

A note on foxes – yes they are cute but they are really a pest in Australia. They are an introduced species and they eat the native birds and small mammals. So, no, we did not feed the visitor the other day!

Thanks to our daily readers for all your comments and attention. Gretchen (Nancy’s sister) gets first prize for not only spotting the drop bear sign in Bundaberg but also looking up drop bear deterrent techniques on Wikipedia. While we give the “reader of the day” award, Nancy will not be using my precious Vegimite behind her ears as a drop bear deterrent.

Tomorrow we are off again, heading toward Miriam Vale or perhaps a bit further. Two or three more days along the coast and then we start to head west.

1770 sunset - one more time


5 responses to “Rest day in 1770

  1. Wow! Great photos.

    (yes, good idea not to feed any wild any animals)

  2. Truly Beautiful. Makes me want sunshine even more. Tired of the clouds in Oregon.

  3. Beautiful pictures – blue sky, gorgeous sunsets! Rained yesterday but today was pretty nice for gardening! Ground is still soggy in Oregon! I plan on a few days at the beach week of my birthday! Hope it is not raining!
    Love, Jan

  4. Saige Engelbrecht

    hi guys!
    been a while since i last saw you.
    good luck with the rest of your journey!


    • Hi Saige! Glad you are still following along. We are on our way out West now – lots of red dirt and open plains, very different than the coast. Hope you keep reading as we go further west.

      Dave & Nancy

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