Mostly photos for the rest day in Noosa

(written by Dave)

Mostly just photos for today….

Keeping with tradition, we had a big brekkie this morning – eggs on toast with homemade salsa and bacon. We then walked through Noosa Heads National Park, spotting a koala and large green sea turtles. Later in the hostel, one of the other guests reported that “someone” had spotted a koala in the park today (hey that was us – we reported it to the ranger as you are supposed to). We hung out a bit, called the moms on Skype and also managed one more hike to the Noosa Lookout for a sunset shot. We are now cleaned, rested and ready to cycle again.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that the hostel bar had an Irish band playing last night. Really just a jam session but it was quite fun to watch and listen.
Ok on with the photos – longer posts tomorrow when we get to Kin Kin.

Irish jam session at Noosa hostel


Rainbow Lorikeets


Surfer heading out

Gum tree with Noosa bay view

Grass trees

Hell's Gate

Noosa head with Oregon in the far distance - use your imagination

Weird trees

Koala's bum - most common view

Koala in tree

Noosa beach at sunset

Sunset at Noosa lookout


7 responses to “Mostly photos for the rest day in Noosa

  1. I think you are starting to look like you are vacation.

  2. Great pictures! Thanks for posting them.

  3. Love the pics. Have a terrific ride tomorrow.

  4. Nice, Cindi and I were there with you for breakfast (breakki). We had eggs on toast, I had salsa (from Costco), Cindi had them plain.

  5. Love all the pictures. Makes me want to see some of the areas you have been in. Probably not by bike :-).

  6. Laura Ansari

    I want to see them to, and would consider doing it by bike, although the spider population freaks me out a bit. Even though I’m not with the main Ansari household I to am a consistent reader and adventure dreamer.

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